I also noted now that I can still use mybooklive: But in generan nothing changed. If you don’t have try 6 or 7 version before, you can have a 30 day trial follow the same procedure. Chmod to didn’t help. I tried the “fix” by setting my PS3 media receiver type under the twonky configuration at mynas: After that you will have mkv working and not ‘File format is not support’. I’ve exactly the problem you have… after reboot twonky start twice… I’ve spend many time to understand why and I found the twonky script have a bug when use at boot… I don’t have this problem before because of many tweaks to fix a problem with previous firmware and sleep issues I correct that by using the WD script to start Twonky 5 and make modifications for start Twonky 7. Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky 7 version by Dav-M , 22 Oct

At this time you should have Twonky 7 working, go to http: I don’t have much more time to look into that. Last edited on 05 Dec Would be great, if you can help. Anybody had any luck with the Duo?? Append content without editing the whole page source. Completed the upgrade,… Did the fixes to get the status visible in the UI. Do you have upgrade from untouch firmware with Twonky 5?

The color of subtitle is handle on the player, not the server, Twonky just push subtitle nothing else. Only other difference I see with everybody, I’ve disabled the webdav and proxy in twonky.

Unable to stream content from a My Book Live Duo while its media server is indexing files

Dav-M 04 May Looked through the whole thread and implemented the the changes on one of my MBL Went from 5. You are a star Dav-M! Hi, happy it help you.


Cool, but I don’t brink beers, lol, only French wine ;- Thks liive your feedback, glad this guide help many people.

Unable to stream content from a My Book Live Duo while its media server is indexing files

If that’s the case is there a way to stop one? Hi Dav-M, Did you try to update to Twonky 8.

I have tried steps 11 and 12 and they appear to work ie: Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. Did chmods to be sure older versions are not executable anymore.

The server worked for about 3 days, then somehow the harddrive dumped the server. I’ve successfully installed Twonky 7 on my Duo running the latest firmware update It twonk be nice not to have to manually start it though. Chaos Insurgency Creating Logic out of Illogic.

Next time, to upgrade for example, just make step 1, 2, 4, 5, 6 of course you need to change the download name and unzip name twnoky new version and start with. After that I’m completely lost… could you fill in the blanks a little regarding how to initiate these scripts?

Change the name also URL address, possibly the category of the page. Hi, thanks for the useful guide Dav-M. I spent something like two hours today on it and I am missing something as it still won’t start. I had to reinstall again. Hi Dave, Sutitles done the above and still get: Also what I have for subtitles in SRT file which has the same name as the video.


Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky 7 version by Dav-M22 Oct And as I mentioned in my original post the subtitle works fine with MyMedia and Playon. TiloWiki 20 Mar Fussel 17 May Last edited on 22 Mar How subtifles I edit pages?

JPA67 04 Feb Gettin message that file is not supported. Go to Twonky web GUI http: Dav-M 07 Apr Still a bit disapointed that 7. Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky 7 version.

If you followd step 11 I bet its still has execute rights to stop if from being able to run do this. I have update guide according this. Its not really for newbies.

Last edited on 13 May Hi, It’s not a problem if you subtitlees see from WD gui.

Roku Media Player and Subtitles Problem – Roku Forums

Everything was fine before I started upgrading. Everything is fine now, going to update my 2nd MBL. I was able to open the terminal window, install ssh app and enable ssh for my mybooklive single. Hi Lahi, wx do you use to go on the config page?

I installed Twonky 7 twonky-powerpc-glibc Hi Guys, The same problem here….