Grab some popcorn, scroll down and settle in for some small but perfectly formed cinematic marvels. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Director Benjamin O’Donnell ‘s good-natured short explores just that unlikely scenario. As of 14 November Laverty was un-contactable for any comments. Often there are great movies hiding in plain sight. Biennale of Sydney every even numbered year.

Director Julian Lucas shows us why heavy drinking on a school night is rarely a good idea in this memorable short. The films must be less than 7 minutes including titles and credits and be world premieres at the Tropfest event. Over the following days it emerged suppliers and contracted partners of Tropfest have been experiencing payment delays for several months. CGU Insurance is the source of the necessary extra funding. Man who tried to hijack Dubai-bound flight shot dead. The winner of Tropfest stars the charming Gerard O’dwyer as a man who wins over a woman at a bus stop armed only with a Dictaphone and some slightly dodgy impressions.

Tropfest Australia usually takes place in February each year in Sydney and is has been broadcast live via free-to-air television as well as global streaming and catch up.

The festival attracts a wide degree of media coverage but it is the casual, grassroots nature of the event, rather than its high profile, which ensures the continued support of its patrons and guests. Views Read Edit View history. This year, the celluloid celebration held in Parramatta Park marks its 25th anniversary with a slew of entertaining entrants and a new pineapple motif — ‘s fruity theme follows in the festival tradition of inserting strange objects into its shorts.


Tropfest now includes the popular Trop Jra short filmmaking competition and festival for youngsters under Live live music with us on Instagram. After much support on social media, Tropfest founder Polson announced in early December that extra funding had been sourced, and the festival took place in Centennial Park on Sunday, 14 February In February festival founder John Polson announced a change of date to 8 December and a change of venue from the Domain to Centennial Park.

Previous Next Hide Grid. I have been made winnfr that the company contracted to raise the funding and administer the Tropfest event is unable to move forward for financial reasons. The festival’s name is derived from the first year’s location—the Tropicana Caffe in Darlinghurstan inner-eastern suburb of Sydney.

Screenings in other cities were not affected.

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We’re live streaming the broadcast from 8. Over a weekend in JuneThe Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas celebrated Tropfedt 20th anniversary, culminating in a screening of the best 16 films from the past two decades in the Tropfest All Star Competition. For Tropfestpay television channel Movie Extra replaced Sony as the naming rights sponsor for the next seven years.

Bonus points for the inventive use of the Balloon theme.

Ways to watch Tropfest

Tropfest is the world’s largest short film festival. Signature items were a manhole cover, a slice, and a sunflower respectively. Retrieved 17 August One throwing-a-sickie lie snowballs into some rather dark comedy in Tropfest’s winner.

What started out as a fun and innovative platform for visual storytellers has since grown into to the largest short film festival in the datch. Watch all of the Tropfest Australia finalists here from 11pm Sunday December 8. What do you think of the films?


The hidden movie gems you need to watch this summer. The support and involvement of film personalities from around the world has become one of tropfet trademarks of the festival. On 6 December Polson announced that the Sydney festival would be held in its intended venue, Centennial Park on Sunday, 14 February Retrieved from ” https: The hidden movie gems you need to watch this summer.

The films must be less than 7 minutes including titles and credits and be world premieres at the Tropfest event. An outpouring of support for Tropfest quickly appeared over social media, including Twitter and Facebook, with calls for generous benefactors, state or federal government support, or winneg.

Tropfest are on Facebook.

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Hosted by Hugh Jackman and including musical performances by Alexi Murdoch and Milagresthe festival attracted a crowd of approximately 10, Organisers are taking submissions from today. On 11 November Polson announced that the Sydney Tropfest had been cancelled.

Each year there are hundreds and hundreds of entries featuring the TSI and every year 16 finalists are screened in public to gropfest huge live audience in Sydney.