One of those rare animes in which the dub is far superior to the dub. This episode was awesome. But Dandy also seemed to care a bit about Scarlet. She’s shown interest in Dandy before, but this episode also showed that she hasn’t seen her brother in ages. Scarlett x Dandy for life! Normally I hate dubs. I listen to that theme song on repeat as I work out.

Dandy and his crew head to Planet Grease for a legendary party, only to find themselves walking the streets of a ghost town. It seems like something dandy would listen to. After a dreamy space racer gets the VIP treatment at Boobies, Dandy enters an intergalactic grand prix to impress the lovely ladies at his favorite breastaurant. It sounded more like something you’d hear in a love interest. He’s got ears longer than his head. They seemed more like an ex couple than half-siblings. And the cloudian did comment on his sharp hearing for noticing. I torrented the first season.

The fact that Woolongs exist in Space Wahchcartoononline either means that it takes place in the same Universe as Bebop later on, It’s an alt universe all together, or it’s just a shout out. Space gets repetitive when a trip to Meow’s home planet lands Dandy and the gang in an inescapable time loop where every day is the same – and nothing ever changes.

Story about smugglers set in s Southeast Asia. I don’t remember what the Cloudian said their name was.


Scarlet didn’t seem to react to the laughtrack aliens qt reacted to them being aliens though but idk if he heard them. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement dansy Privacy Policy.

Just thought I’d throw this out there. The show was pretty good. It could have been either Gentle or Dandy. My theory dpace that that episode never happened.


This one and Ep. I really love the references this show makes.

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Also more background on Scarlet please. Do not post untagged spoilers, unless within the confines of a discussion thread of the latest episode. I find it funny spcae, at the beginning of the episode, Scarlet mentioned wanting to find someone “gentle and dandy” and she ended up on a ship with Gentle and Dandy.

Or sign in with one of these services. I think expecting stable continuity in Space Dandy is pointless. Also, that Zombie episode left me in stitches.

Hell, I’d even say it’s the best anime of the quarter. I’m going to feel so depressed after s02e When they dxndy talking about finding a man, Pine Pine told Scarlet that she was taking her “lonely asteroid to a space mixer.

Think James Bond mixed with The Professional. He was upset that they changed Ass to Asteroid Belt in episode 1 during Honey and Dandy’s conversation. Main character is being infected but fights watchcartopnonline and his parasite ends up maturing in his arm, unable to ever take the brain. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Want to add to the discussion? I’m calling it now: Register a new account. My husband had a crazy thought that instead of creating multiple timelines, the explosion had a ground hog day effect on the timeline.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Obviously not the case, it was just weird to me. I don’t know, maybe Dandy will somehow obliviously save the universe without confronting Dr.

An episode 4 reference?!?!

Dandy did care more and more towards the end. My favorite part of the whole episode was the lead-up to the finale. I didn’t really like it.


This could be what the japanese person related to the fpisode said on twitter I’m not entirely sure what I just watched but it was glorious. A seemingly-harmless trip to Boobies ends with Dandy on trial for the murder of a very rare alien.

I especially was looking forward to the part with Meow and Scarlett. Not to mention the best lookin’ ass in the show so far. Log in or sign up in seconds. The title may contain two, short, necessary context sentences. Want to add to the discussion? Which really blows your mind when you realize that means the Groundhog Day episode would have been a groundhog day universe in a groundhog day universe.

After a dreamy space racer gets the VIP treatment at Boobies, Dandy enters an intergalactic grand prix to impress the lovely ladies at his favorite breastaurant. Posted February 4, In order to capture a rare alien species, Dandy goes undercover at a glamorous high school where popularity is determined by your ability to sing episoed dance!

After a big fight with QT and Meow, Dandy is lured to the distant planet of an extremely rare, ukulele-playing alien that wants to turn him into a statue — and steal his smile forever! However, she was drunk and had the same reaction to Gentle, whom she met while drunk. He’s got ears longer than his head.