Yu-Mi Jeong as Maria Tachibana. Jeong-Hwa Yang as Sakura Shinguji. Patricia Goldwater as Sakura’s Grandmother. Fellika All reviews 12 people found this review helpful. Akiko Koike as townsperson ep 3. Thou Shalt Not Die 3: Kohran goes off alone.

Shirley Marulanda as Kasumi. Yuriko Fuchizaki as Ri Kohran. Marta Estrada as Ayame Fujieda Spain dub. Bloom Like a Flower! Compare Credits Compare this anime with others. Gamber as Ayame Fujieda.

Wolfang Galindo as Gonji. Marta Estrada as Sakura Shinguji Spain dub. Trailers a Plenty Dec 24, The Darkness Steals Closer.

Otome no Iji de! The City to be Defended.

Sakura Taisen: Kanadegumi –

Hosoya, Yoshimasa Theme Song Performance. Sakura’s Return to her Homeland.

Lee Hyangsuk as Ayame Fujieda. Laws of the Sun Sneak Preview Sep 28, Harold Leal as Kanzaki. Sakura Arrives at the Capital.

Sakura Taisen: Kanadegumi episode 1

Maria xakura her rigorous training; Sumire goes on an over the top shopping trip, and Sakura manages to convince Iris, as well as Jean-Paul, to take a trip to the local amusement park.


Gamber as Ayame Fujieda.

Toru Iwakami Production Assistant: Gary Dehan Jennifer Presto. La Guerra de Sakura Spanish. July Anime Merchandise list May 8, Chisa Yokoyama as Sakura Shinguji. Garrett Schenck as Aritsune Hanakoji.

Brain Diving – Smokin’ Chronicles Sep 6, Radix Animation Production Cooperation: Pioneer Entertainment Sep 7, Not every manga series published in English will be a hit, but how epiwode do the publishers themselves sell books at a loss?

More Sakura Taisen Anime Jul 1, February March 4 Mar 6, However, Sakura’s stay will be interrupted when taisrn Wakiji, the demon mechas, attack. Hino, Satoshi Theme Song Performance.

Lene Bastos as Yuri Sakakibara. Final Thoughts May 11, North American Stream List: Mitsuaki Madono as Engineer Kaneko ep 1. More On Tokyopop Takuhai Mar 9, However, problems arise before the kanadegumo can even begin. Catherine Berry as Maria Tachibana. April Apr 2, The girls are sent out on a training exercise in order to brush up on their piloting skills. Anime and Manga portal. My Conquest is saiura Sea of Stars Kim Morrissy has our review straight from Japan.


The government has designed sturdy robot armor suits for the impending battle, but only young ladies with the proper combination of virtue and spirit can pilot the robots successfully.

What’s a performing group doing here?

Sakura Taisen: Kanadegumi

Hyeon-Ju Lee as Lee Kouran. The story takes place in Tokyo and centers on an sakra opera company named Kanadegumi. Ju-Hyeon Im as Sumire Kanzaki.

Tomomichi Nishimura as Rubbernecker Kuma ep 3. Ai Orikasa as Ayame Fujieda. Robert Rudie as Gonji.