Chang tries to replace it with a female duck, which makes it worse. After buying a dress for Ching, Pucca stumbles on a bridal shop where she tries on a wedding dress. This plan is thwarted by Pucca, and Abyo receives his face back, though it is upside down. The episode’s title is a portmanteau of “Spain” and “Painful”. At the water fountain, Pucca bumps into Jing-Jing, who throws the present in the air and is also thrown into the cake. Meanwhile, Ching’s sock is stuck on Doga’s shirt, turning her good.

Pucca bought a picture of her ancestors and bring it to Garu. When Tobe discovers that Won can lay magical eggs that give immense power, he makes several attempts to get an egg. Angered, Garu challenges the wrestler, and wins. Tobe tries to humiliate Garu by stopping his attempts at breaking the record, but it won’t happen on Pucca’s watch. In anger, Pucca tries destroying the couch, which puts Abyo and Garu in danger. Bruce mentions the legend of a sofa with an affinity for spare change, noting that it had probably amassed a fortune. He throws a bottle of his vanishing potion at the birds, which is picked up by one of them and taken to Sooga Village.

Garu has gone away to Australia and was kidnapped by an Australian man and got inflated by the many apparently poisonous things and it’s up to Pucca, Abyo and Ching to rescue him before he’s in any more puxca. When the girl’s tree house is destroyed, they force Garu and Abyo to shelter them from the storm outside.

Pucca Season 01 Episode 06 Part 3 – Slam Bam Birthday Bash

Master Soo orders an assembly line of sushi from Japan to his castle. Abyo has broken another pair of nunchucks, which his father refuses to pay for another. Pucca is angered by Dada’s betrayal for his actions. Pucca intervenes in time by beating up Abyo and he’s forced to learn a hard lesson.

Yumi comes to Ring-Ring with a letter, and Ring-Ring finds out that Pucca did invite her, despite Pucca not being invited to Ring-Ring’s party, and even asked what day she was going to have her party on so Pucca could make sure she wouldn’t have her party on the same day.

Tobe and his minions attack, but his minions are beaten by Pucca, still tickling Garu. Leaving the restaurant up to Pucca, they train to regain their culinary skills and their honor. The five are targeted by a T-Rex who runs after them. Jayson Thiessen and Jamie Mason Teleplay by: Enraged and jealous of Pucca, Can-Can starts fighting with her. Ring-Ring invites the whole town to a party that ends all parties at her house, except for Pucca. At the wedding, Pucca is able to take out the arrow Cupid misfired from Tobe’s backside, leaving Tobe confused.


At the end Pucca and Garu sing.

When Pucca confronts them, she beats up the female rabbit and turns her into a chocolate bunny. Pucca bought a picture of her ancestors and bring it to Garu.

Garu and Tobe fight once more, but are now too evenly matched, and Pucca interferes once more to make Tobe lose. However, her dark powers is no match for Pucca’s love and light energies which she uses to undo the misery it caused. Master Soo wakes up and after touching the cold floor, decides to change the weather to summer via the weather machine. Pucca is shocked to see Garu in love with Ring Ring. Tobe tries to humiliate Garu by stopping his attempts at breaking the record, but it won’t happen on Pucxa watch.

The trio then tell her bssh story about their last master in the temple of Shallow and that Abyo is perfect to lead them. Tobe plans to blow up Garu while onstage, but when the plan doesn’t work, he instead tries to fight Garu, at puccs with words, then with the instruments. Abyo, Garu, Ssoso and Tobe enter a race where they pull one of Master Soo’s beautiful ladies around a racecourse in a rickshaw.

Pucca Season 1 Episode 18 Slam Bam Birthday Bash

While setting up at the Goh-Rong restaurant, Garu is tasked with keeping Pucca away from the restaurant. Pucca picks up Garu, but enticed by the smells coming from the restaurant, returns to the kitchen where she makes some noodles. Tobe sends his minion to change the weather back, causing the weather to go back and forth until eventually Pucca snaps off the lever, causing a tornado to form and a cold wind to blow in, freezing the feuding Virthday and Garu.

As a last resort, Sosso shows Abyo his most extreme treatment: Chang tries to replace it with a female duck, which makes it worse. Abyo then tries to flaunt his abs again, which revealed he had put on weight and causes the trio to leave him. However, in the wedding, Garu exposes the fake as Dada, causing him to confess that he did this in order to make Pucca love him and give up Garu.


Officer Bruce deputizes people into the new Sooga Village Fire Brigade and they hop into a firetruck to deal with the problem. Mushi tries bkrthday cheat in order to win, but Pucca uses other tactics to make Mushi lose in the end.

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Pucca seemingly leaves, but pops out of the special delivery box to give Garu the noodles, and a kiss. Several of the villagers audition, including Garu.

Meanwhile, Pucca and Ching rent instruments and recruit Abyo to form a band, and play for the 3 chefs to be in the commercial. Dada tries to take advantage of the former’s mistake making Pucca fall in love with him, lucca is ignored.

While Abyo and Garu are fishing, Pucca and Ching, having been swimming in the lake, join in. A ruckus is caused when the Vagabond Clan steal a gift wrapped present from Santa’s shop. Pucca reveals her costume, and Tobe spies Garu in his flower costume and proceeds to make fun of it, to which Pucca is not amused. Birtbday Thiessen ; Teleplay by: However, they pay for their mistake when Pucca, Garu, Abyo and Ching arrive to rescue them.

Unfortunately, Garu cannot move while in the costume. Garu and Tobe accidentally gets stuck together after a laundry incident. He throws a bottle of his vanishing potion at the birds, which is picked up by one puccx them and taken to Sooga Village. A futuristic place known as Space Station Sooga has run out of noodles, and the batch of infinite noodles has been stolen by Muji, to the panic of the residents.