We have also offered them police protection and an escort vehicle if required. How can anyone cover the cost of the buy [Rs 75,] by selling the meat [of three cows]? Consumption of cow meat, historians say, was acceptable in the Vedic times. Not one attacker has been named, even though a murder case has been filed. The mob had swelled by the time Irshad and others reached the spot on NH8. Introspect about who causes such harm to the Indian people. The other Mughal emperors were of predominantly Rajput and Persian ancestry. NewsApp Free Read news as it happens Available on.

Early scriptures of Manu as well as Yajnavalkya had endorsed the consumption of cow meat to welcome honoured guests. On the contrary, the Mughals did not send a single rupee outside India. A grandiose welcome of the grandiose star. Reader Priyank Varshney sends us pix from The lesser said, the better about the predictable twists in the actioner. The five victims are among the 10 charged by the police. Just like the previous two instalments in the franchise, Race 3 too sees family members at loggerheads for the control of business.

Of the supporting cast, Saleem gives a new meaning to hamming. Various reports have surfaced from states such as Haryana and UP where vigilantes work in tandem with the police and profit by selling cows they snatch from cattle transporters. However, taking law in one’s hand is wrong.

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If Akbar consolidated Mughal rule in India with his inclusiveness of all religions in his court, Shah Jahan built on this legacy.

And when he died, we converted the case to Section We decided not to pshlu ahead,” said Irshad’s complaint. His older brother Yousef interjects to say that he is in excruciating pain.

We have assured the delegation that has met us today of complete security,” a police officer said. Unlike the Britishers who dipped a sponge in the Ganga and squeezed it into the Thames, the Mughals never spirited anything out of India.


Say hello to Flipsyde! I am reminded of some Hindutva supporters who complained to me that Christian missionaries were converting leprosy patients who were admitted to a leprosy hospice in Tamil Nadu. However, this time the movie is going to entice more charm because of the presence of Indian celebs like Sonu Sood, who is aiding a pivotal role to the film, along with the charismatic appearance of Indian Divas- Disha Patani and Diivas Dastur.

His seven siblings have joined his mother and grandmother in mourning the brutal death of their year-old father at the hands of cow vigilantes earlier this month. Aurangzeb was an aberration, and under his rule the Mughals reached both their zenith and their nadir.

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Chatur Ideas backed 3D printing company Instaprintz raises undisclosed amount of…. The Mughals were by and large benevolent rulers, as all rulers were. While BJP leaders Open spoke to in Rajasthan and elsewhere contend that neither the party nor the RSS has anything to do with vigilantism, others, including political pundits, argue that cow-protection gangs also run extortion rackets—demanding money even from those who legally transport buffaloes and cows—in many parts of UP, Haryana, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Even when we transport cattle with permission, we are punished by both the police and gau rakshaks. All Fashion Relationships Travel. The four witnesses – Rafique, Azmat and Pehlu’s Khan’s sons Arif and Irshad – along with their lawyer say they were headed to the court from neighbouring Haryana’s Jaisinghpur, when a black Scorpio SUV tried to overtake their car.

Months earlier, Govind Pansare, a communist, was shot while he was on a morning walk in Kolhapur with his wife, who survived the attack.

Helping him is his on-screen sister Shah, who looks like a pretty wax doll and is introduced to the audience as a ‘bold, smart and adventurous. It is the stardom of Jackie Chan which always alludes the Indian audience. He is unequivocal in describing the virtues of beef for disorders of wind Catch up on all the latest entertainment news and gossip here.


Introspect about who causes such harm to the Indian people. We do not know of such people. The five victims are among the 10 charged by the police. During the UP poll campaign, the BJP had repeatedly fallen back on beef-ban slogans to push its brand of Hindutva politics, and soon after coming to power, the state government has taken steps to close mechanised abattoirs.

According to data released by the Central Government, buffalo meat exports had already dropped 2.

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Pehlu Khan Pehlu Khan lynching. Smuggling cows is easier said than done. But I am intrigued to know what Abbas-Mustan, who helmed the previous two parts, thought of this one. Gau Bhakts try to stop those who indulge in such crimes. They were dragged mocie of their pick-up truck on the highway and thrashed, shows the video apparently filmed by locals. Almost all of them were born in India and died here.

Riya Sharma – Feb 1, 0. Kapoor and Deol are the only ones who bring some merit to the table. If you have a problem with the Taj Mahal, why don’t you build something more beautiful? Why don’t you build something comparable to the Taj Mahal? A trek of change; first batch of woman trekkers climbs the…. Not all such criticism is always baseless: So by what yardstick does one diva them traitors, asks A Ganesh Nadar. The East India Company sent all its loot back to London and the British empire continued that tradition.

Peblu movie will hit the screens in China on January 28,and in India on February 3,