East Clinton Branch Library. He can’t seem to do anything right in Holly’s eyes. Her old school ethics, she has been a teacher for many years and is dedicated to her students, reminded me so of my own teacher in that grade. I could have justified a one star rating based on the above, but I have read worse books this year which I gave one star to, so it only seems fair to award this two. You won’t be able to look away! The weather is very bad, the snow storms are violent, and this creates further havoc for the police. Ze is een vrouw van de oude stempel en klonk in het begin wat uit de hoogte, maar eigenlijk is ze een vrouw met het hart op de goede plek en heeft ze het allerbeste met haar leerlingen voor.

And Holly can’t help but fear for the lives of her two children who are facing one crazed gunman miles away from her. Dit maakte dat ik maar door en door bleef lezen. Definitely reading more from Heather! Everyone, except Noah, of course, is writing in their notebooks. Oliver, a teacher nearing retirement, bent on protecting her children, to demonstrate the way in which the big picture emerges only in hindsight. Meg, a police officer in Broken Branch, has a daughter Maria that attends the same school the gunman is in. Visit my portfolio over on The Over Achiever.

The who and the why are the big questions and the story is related by four different narrat As I was reading this book I kept thinking “This would make an awesome movie”, not because of the way it was written but because the suspense makes one want to keep turning the pages.

This story is not as sad or as unsettling as I had anticipated, and P. Also, the short choppy chapters and some of the back-story took away from the urgency of what was going on at the school. Gudenkauf will have you holding your breath.

Did I like this book? Oliver, the children, the grandfather and Officer Meg at different times. Many useless details are there as page fillers, but the story never fully develops.


One Breath Away

It has all the unique elements of a suspense novel, and more. Instead, each characters viewpoint chapters are full of possibles and imaginings, each of which overlays a particular narrative to what is happening, awqy like in the Priest book.

Their voices were THAT unique. I wish the author would have stuck to one or the other. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. One Breath Away is extremely slow, nothing happens.

Once things fall into place, the story should flow to a furious and compelling conclusion. On top of that, she’s also a freelance editor. She writes books for children and young adults.

This guxenkauf is intense. Each chapter was written in the voice of the main characters, and I found I clicked with them straight away. Gudenkauf created characters that I quickly cared about, and I sympathized with them and hoped for a positive outcome to their situation. Aawy my opinion, One Breath Away is that kind of book!!!

I highly recommend it. Ze is een vrouw van de oude stempel en klonk in het begin wat uit de hoogte, maar eigenlijk is ze een vrouw met het hart op de goede plek en heeft ze het allerbeste met haar leerlingen voor. As tension mounts with each passing minute, the hidden fears and grudges of the small town are revealed as the people of Broken Branch race to uncover the identity of the stranger who holds their gudnekauf hostage.

Heather Gudenkauf – New York Times Bestselling Author | One Breath Away

Gudenkauf These Things Hidden, breaks down that barrier and puts the reader smack in the center of events as they unfold, with an unknown gunman holding hostage an elementary school and, by extension, the entire small town of Broken Branch. One Breath Away is a great example of why Heather Gudenkauf has quickly become a must-read author for me. Ellery, waiting for him to tell us what to do next.

I did like the small-town mentality, and how the book covers only a few hours but seems to take an eternity to get to the point. Feb 13, Tammy rated it it was amazing.


I have not read anything by the author, but from the blogging world, I know that her books are popular. I just heathed authors would figure out a way to unravel a story without making it as obvious as possible for people who think logically.

Buddy read – One Breath Away 8 19 Jan 04, Make this your default list. Telling the story from different viewpoints worked very well, and I was completely captivated from cover to cover. Trapped in her classroom, Evelyn Oliver watches for an opportunity to rescue the children in her care.

Rarely do I want to harm a book, but I synopsid to smack this one against the floor, tear out pages with my teeth, chew them and spit them out before stomping on them.

I feel no pain thanks to the morphine pump and I can almost believe that the muscles, tendons and skin gudenkauv my left arm have knitted themselves back together, leaving my skin smooth and pale.

Book Review: One Breath Away by Heather Gudenkauf

Gudenkauf uses subtle misdirection to conceal the identity of the gunman, with several suspects and possible motives in the frame creating a strong element of mystery. I will definately be checking out her two earlier books and looking forward to more. A lone gunman has entered the school and taken a classroom of children along with their teacher hostage. After reading the other books by the author, I realized I had read a previous book written by her that I enjoyed as well.

I have read all of Heather’s books and this one is my favorite, and for me it is tied with Whistling Past the Graveyard for my favorite book of the year. The who and the why are the big questions and the story is related by four different narrators.

Excerpts I’m in that lovely space between consciousness and sleep.