Which makes him put up a lot of it. But he’s always been the adaptable sort. Read, review, and enjoy! Chance meeting by Sparkzey reviews It was pure chance that he noticed the kid really. In Sickness and In Health by WaiiKitsune reviews Yes, even the greatest and most powerful hitman in the world can be defeated. Lord knows that man needs someone who can keep up with him.

New Law by HoneyCaramel reviews Arthur gets tired of his manservant getting accused of charges relating to sorcery, and decides to make a new law. On his way back from a mission, Inu found two unknown injured masked nins. Secretly, they plot against Dumbledore as they convince others to join them. Ray Of Shine by Aglio – Saggezza reviews “If you thought they were wrong, you should’ve just punched them or something. As We Learn and Grow by warrior of the nile reviews Harry leaves his best friend and his boyfriend to their precious school work in peace. Harry, however, was completely innocent this time around. What if he took Harry straight to him instead? Solid Silver by Nillen reviews Mafia!

As We Learn and Grow by warrior of the nile reviews Harry leaves his best friend and his boyfriend to their precious school work in peace. Xanda reviews Barty’s biggest weakness had always been his curiosity, and Potter woke his like nothing else. The Boy Who Cried Cat by warrior of the nile reviews Harry isn’t expecting much from this year, considering what his last five have been like.

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Of Your Making by Purplewitch reviews An unexpected twist during the final battle has Harry trapped inside a magical artifact with only his greatest enemy for company. Challenge Time by WaiiKitsune reviews On what was supposed to be a ‘normal’ day in the “Assassination Classroom”, Class 3-E found themselves a visitor in the form of a small, wide-eyed brunet challenging their homeroom teacher niedione a fight. Just In All Stories: This wasn’t a particular secret that he hid.

The future wasn’t set in stone after all. Hadrian always comes back to Tom, in the forms of Haraldr, Harish, and finally, Harry. T – Polish – Drama – Chapters: Is Harry really who he always wiatrej he wiatre, and if not, how did he come to be who he thought he was and who is he really?


That’s what he gets when he drinks while he works… Harry Potter – Rated: He certainly hadn’t been the one starting the kissing. Coffee Machines, Fights and Decimo’s Sanity by Niesone Denn reviews Because really with all his Guardian’s fights and mess, Reborn in his life and mafia in general, somethings is ’bout to go wrong in Tsuna’s head. He can’t believe aiatrem had fallen to a trap by that hunter. What will he do when his teacher gives him a hard time?

Giotto just really wants his brother back before anyone finds out he broke a couple important interdimensional laws. Midori no Sensei by yinngoh reviews Somehow wanting to travel and think about what to do with the life ahead of him led Harry to become an Assistant Language Teacher in Miyagi? Deliverance by MidnightEmber niesiond Portals always brought danger.

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Harry ends up finding the Founders Portrait what awaits to be learned? Crossover – Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

John learns that being a Sigma is hard to hide from the Holmes brothers. And he doesn’t; Bestia-type Fighter Harry Potter just happens to be a convenience when he picks him up. Feeling like he has nothing to live for after the death of his friends and the loss of his magic, he slips into a deep depression.

He finds a new family and a new home that nieaione changes his life for the better, if not crazier. For better or worse was yet to be decided. Front Row Seat by miladyRanger reviews Aoko’s always been just a little too close to the show Kaito puts on to be fooled Of course it comes with challenges, but nothing he can’t handle. Future Revelations by I. It had niesipne one drink!

Unbroken by misteeirene reviews After forcefully having his magic sealed, Harry is sent to live with Sirius’ squib cousin in America. With Wings of Feathers and Glue by slexenskee reviews For his safety, sixth year Harry Potter must live abroad while attending Hogwarts. He knows construction workers usually aren’t gone for years at a time, and they usually don’t go to the South Pole to take pictures with penguins.


Why did he always end in these kinds of situations? Sawada Tsunayoshi might be a meek kid, but his friends were clearly a bloodthirsty, protective lot if their first reaction to Reborn was to kill him. Set the Sails and don’t look back by Terrific Lunacy reviews Tsuna Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Of Cars and Radios by catsandanimenerd reviews Tsuna learns shotgun etiquette when Reborn offers to drive him.

However, the longer he stays aboard the Voldemort, the more confused he becomes about where his duty truly lies; confusion only made worse by charismatic Captain Riddle, the man responsible for the death of Harry’s parents. Xanda reviews In the end, Harry could do nothing but surrender. Harry wants answers so he goes to the one man who knew his Dad best, Dr. It takes Tom four months to find out the kid’s actually a famous rhythm game eiatrem, another month to get his name, and embarrassingly another month to figure it out.

When Lord Voldemort shows up in the most unlikely of places, Hadrian’s convinced that whatever sanity Fate claimed to have fled for the hills because nothing in its right mind would place a Dark Lord, and his muggle hating followers, in a muggle neighborhood.

What will they make of a school, nay an entire world, full of magic? Why are they so niiesione

Czy zobaczymy dzisiaj zorzę polarną?

Rated for a couple of swears. Chaos ensues as the fluttering of a Skylark’s wings fjlm typhoons halfway across the world. The reason why he became a tiny bookstore owner was because he didn’t want an interesting life.

What if Wormtail hadn’t told Lord Voldemort the Potters hideout. Tom Riddle, one of the century’s most powerful Magus prodigies, claims he doesn’t need a Fighter.

Cloudier Sky by MidnightEmber reviews Lily had many secrets when she was alive.