Although this scroll appeared in the Temple of 1, Tomb’s library and trap art, it was another red herring. In the winter, it’s much cooler than the summer, but is still very warm, and it occasionally rains. It involves themes such as scrolls and the Temple of Tombs and required participants to do many different things in order to complete each step. King Skarl King Hagan Town: This once thriving city had a very well respected Royal Family, until Razul cursed his own people, and his own son, Jazan, and laid down a prophecy that would enable him to live again after his death. The Foreman’s Useless Crystal. He searched and searched for her, finally coming face-to-face with the skeletal monster – his father, Razul. After a very long wait, the prizes were finally released at the Gift Shop of Rewards.

Register a new account. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. A desperate battle ensured until Nabile was injured and Jazan found the strength to defeat his father. They could place the item in any of the corresponding chalk marks on that floor. The Krawk looks awfully similar to the one here. So, let’s get started shall we? Perhaps they think he’s a bad king Click on Prince Jazan’s name in the Deckball tournament list.

Neopsts inscription cryptically refereed to a colour and a shape, which would narrow down the possible doors to twelve – one for each hieroglyph. They would eventually become available nine years later through the Desert Diplomacy event. Back in Sakhmet Nabile desperately researches the curse.

The pair are wed and as soon as the ring touched Nabile’s finger, Sakhmet returned to the world and all was well again. Horace and the Desert Scarabs remaining in the city barricaded themselves in with the Lost Desert Foods shopkeeper. Jazan battled Razul and qaasla able to defeat him.


Reading the first prophecy to the statue would cause a compartment to open, but far from neopet promised treasures, the player would get buried in a pile of Scarabs. Sakhmet Provided evidence that the guild that stole at 3: After a very long wait, the prizes were finally released at the Gift Shop of Rewards.

Feed and bet on a Poogle in Poogle Racing.

Meanwhile, back in Sakhmet, the members of Amira’s court were qaeala Jazan, and the city he claimed to rule, Qasala. Wheel of Extravagance You can find this wheel in Qasala. A mysterious noble rode into the city on the back of a Uni.

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What species of Neopet is this? As time went on, Jazan became troubled that his people were still monsters and his city in ruins, even though he completed the prophecy. In order to find the location of a specific secondary colour scroll, they player had to read the scrolls of the same hieroglyph in the colours that, when mixed together, produce that colour.

By visiting the correct location, the player discovered a strange parchment that provided a clue as to where a piece of the Mysterious Tablet could be found. Angered, he swore revenge on her and on her people.

The three black spots at the top were revealed to actually be three tiny coloured gems, in a random order for each player. There were also two extra trophies that could only be seen on your stats page that you received if you helped move blocks or sand. There was a chance that he would accidentally blow it up or give the player something else in exchange – if this happened, the player had to return to the same tomb to get another fragment.

All of the stamps and their names of each page are listed here on the order as they will appear in your album. If the player hadn’t discovered the statue yet, they could not get to the correct library. No content is allowed to be used on another website.


If the player had read the first prophecy to the Statue of Nuria, the Foreman was entertained by their story about being buried in scarabs. The Desert is shared by two kingdoms, the second of which was introduced following the Lost Desert Plot. Once the block was moved, an item would be discovered behind it. In the summer, the temperature is usually around 50 degrees and it almost never rains.

Wheel of Extravagance

However, the plot resumed with the appearance of Razul attacking Sakhmet. The Mysterious Scroll could be read in two directions. What were you looking for on this guide? Enter the number into the Kreludan Mining Corp.

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After the rooms had been excavated, they had to be furnished. The Chemical Properties of Sand Here you could be terribly lost. Angered, Jazan begins to chant, casting a spell that pulls Sakhmet from Neopia and into an alternative dimension. Jazan set Scordraxthe twin-headed Scorchioon the city to try and force Amira’s hand.

The guards and the Scarabs were able to make their way to families isolated in the city and bring them back to the palace.

Since then, it has been haunted by the Spirit of the Ruinsa Grundo-like spirit.