We have nothing to say dad.. You get close to me then you play a few games….. I say we move to a new place. Yes well we know that! Just the two of us? You can also be in charge of the kitchen on the boat! What did you talk about? She fell for me at first sight!

What happened my darling? Are you saying that you are glad to have lived it? I mean, I had something in mind but……….. Iso says Ok and asks her if the photo of drawing bothered her a lot….. As you can see I really love Baris.. Yes sometimes I do. Our designs, did you like them? I work so hard and this is the thanks I get!!!

You get close to me then you play a few games….

Eipsode have tried this before. OK …Let me take that…. Defne saw the photo and feels bothered by it though gives Iso the time to talk. And of course he knows how Tourkian will carry on anyway …….

What did you talk about? Yes, Well I was a little lost …. We worked well together.


Sude, my child, I really am trying to understand you. I may just keep my word and do as I have promised!

TO TATOYAZ 28 – video dailymotion

Is something distracting you? I was really, really good!. Why does everything have to be such a problem? Listen here sweetie pie….

I do like it! What would you say to a hot beverage?


Iso says that if Yasmein has spoken like that once she will definitely do it again. Yes, of course …Here you are! What made you laugh so much? She asked me to go with her to L. Iz and Defne meet at the elevator…Iz shows her the graffiti they drew with Omer. Thanks for reminding me! You can start, I feel a little uncomfortable here…. Iso says Ok and asks her if the photo of drawing bothered her a lot…. Tourkian makes epiaode difficult for Nihan as she asks.

OK Let me take care of it!!! Your hands are very cold…. They are memories that continually come to epixode. I am ready to do this on my own!! Everything is up in the air…. I am running the whole company!!! I like looking up at the sky. When Miss Yasemin sees it she will be ecstatic! Prior to their meeting ,both Defne and Omer are very nervous!!


Our designs, did you like them? Juts the two of us! I want you babe!

I say we move to a new place. Good Luck to both of them!!!!!!

“Mprousko” – Eleni Vaitsou (Season 1 Episode 28 scenes) – Youtube Download

From what I can gather, you have also experienced something like that? Was she a good assistant? Where are going my child? We deserve a cup of coffee! The door bell rings, the door opens and. Defne wakes up and is happy about the dream she saw!!!!! And I expect nothing more from you …. But today we were really good together.