While doing the analysis; only those questions were considered which were in scale data and whose communality was greater than 0. Divya Raheja 40 episodes, During further course of hospitalization her clinical condition and renal parameters worsened; she developed Pulmonary hemorrhage. Lung ultrasound is emerging as an invaluable tool to assist in the appropriate assessment and assignment of dry weight. However in patients with severe renal impairment; it did not prevent progression to ESRD. The patients underwent transplantation with standard immunosuppression with ATG induction if DSA was present; tacrolimus; mycophenolate and prednisolone.

There was no difference in the urine protein creatinine ratio between groups over the period of study. C3 glomerulonephritis has emerged as a new entity with heterogenous presentation. Effect on anti-fibrotic genes mRNA in both the strategies was not affected. In the era of growing number of live donor kidney transplants in India; the query on consequences of kidney donation over long term has limited answers. He was started on tamsulosin; to which he showed an immediate and dramatic rsponse. Of the RT; between to ; 32 1. In addition to nature and site of malignancy; other factors analyzed included first or subsequent RT; patient gender; patient age at time of RT; induction; type of baseline immunosupression IS ; any acute rejection AR before malignancy; time since RT; clinical presentation; management and graft and patient outcome.

Infection increases the rate of graft rejection; new onset diabetes; Cardiovascular events; lymphoproliferative disorders. Antibody mediated rejection is a serious complication after renal transplantation.

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Moderate to severe cognitive impairment is prevalent in end stage renal disease ESRD patients. Idiopathic membranous nephropathy IMN ; an autoimmune associated nephrotic syndrome of adults is mainly associated with PLA2R antibody expressed on podocytes. The impact of this disorder on fracture risk and vascular calcification has been well documented. Life saving procedures shall not be delayed because of fear of Episodd as it is mostly benign. Mean time for occurrence of TB was Renal length as well as renal cortical thickness has been closely related to creatinine clearance in patients with chronic kidney disease.


Statistical tools like mean; median mode were used. After 12 weeks of treatment patients underwent renal tranplantion and HCV RNA was re assesed at 1 month and 3 month post transplantation. Most mayur data from India is single center experience. Diagnosis of peritonitis was made according to the guidelines of International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis.

So; alternative strategies are needed to overcome this problem.

Induction prophylaxis with a single dose of 1. To assess the prevalence; severity; type and risk factors associated with acidosis in RTRs. Sepsis as a cause and contributor was seen in Significant number of patients does survive with PRTM.

There were 21 patients in Group 1 and 25 patients in Group 2 with mean age of Rudra Srivastava 1 episode, Nidhi Singh During further course of hospitalization her clinical condition and renal parameters worsened; she developed Pulmonary hemorrhage.

UTI are more common; more severe; and carry worse outcomes in patients with diabetes.


No significant differences observed between the ABCB1 genotypic groups. After detailed history and clinical examination necessary investigation were done. The composite scores in respect of all three categories were obtained. All patients underwent a screening for secondary causes of MN; including a detailed medical history consisting of medication; physical examination; serological analysis i. The mean blood urea; serum creatinine; C-reactive protein in group 1 is In this prospective observational cohort study; all incident Episodde patients from May 1; ; to May 31; ; were recruited and followed up until august 31; Patient was started on oral antifungals voriconazole as per culture sensitivity.


Spectrum of PR-AKI is quite broad and various conditions either lead or contribute to its development which not only affect the severity but also are to be considered to decide the management plan.

Chutki 2 episodes, Shraddha Kapoor The mean age at donation was Proteins controlling these cellular processes are strictly regulated by miRNA. Sapna 3 episodes, Vishal Bhardwaj Patients who were selected for the study were followed up for 3 meghaa and Sr.

The length of the catheter was chosen depending upon the stature of the patient. Ramya Mathur 7 episodes, Graft kidney accessory artery has significant association with vascular insults; but it did not affect the short-term graft outcome.


An analysis of the PET of 34 of these patients; and the relation between the PET characteristics on demography; biochemical parameters; adequacy; ultrafiltration and outcome were analysed. Mayurii many Indian centers use a single dose Maha Mata Tapaswini mehha episode, Serum creatinine in the post-transplant period were recorded at discharge and one month. Clinical; demographic data and nutritional parameters were collected and their association with QOL was assessed.

Outcome was poor in RPGN group.

Despite IV Methyle prednisolone; IV Cyclophosphamide; plasmapheresis and ventilatory support she succumbed to her illness. Naagrani Maa 8 episodes, Karuna Verma Indian studies on CIN targeting both CT and Cardiovascular procedures are scarce despite the procedures being very common.