Cut to several more clips of Bree in her bedroom. Cut to a clip of Bree laying on her bed talking, with Thor in her arms. Bree was only a year older then me. In the beginning , Bree’s videos were similar to those of many other popular vloggers on YouTube, making brief videos out of her bedroom about her life, her best friend, Daniel , and her conflicts with her parents. But, I can’t really remember much. Bree laughs, while the video cuts to a shot of Bree in a motel.

The show continued to attract fans, and the cast developed into more of an ensemble. They are standing next to a car. At the time of its release, this was the longest video to date. Her best friend Daniel grew concerned and convinced her to go on the run. Bree was only a year older then me. Jonas’s adoptive sister, who was placed in the custody of his brainwashed parents after her own parents died in a car crash Get off her man!

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Daniel’s crush on Bree and the strictness of Bree’s parents were a part of the tensions behind many of the early videos. Cut to a clip of Daniel and Jonas driving in one of Jonas’s cars. Alright, I don’t want you to go. This is a story about lonelygirl5 ordinary girl. The monotone of her flat-lining heart pierces the silence as her devastated friends watch from a distance. The show gained popularity by posting video responses to and name-dropping other popular YouTubers.

The Show Is Yours. They disappeared on a sailing trip when Jonas was thirteen. Personal tools Log in.

Cut to several clips of Bree, Daniel, and Jonas. She is going to try and find out and leave us information along the way. Her only friend, who introduced her to YouTube and video editing, was Daniel, sesaon she met during a brief stint in public school two years earlier. She is a cheerful, intelligent, homeschooled girl who belongs to an unusual religion.


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Cut to a clip of Bree and Daniel hugging from Christmas Surprise. Ok, so I couldn’t sleep last night. You think she was handling it better? First the camera goes to the YouTube logo, and then has shots of several loneltgirl15 and their corrosponding characters, including Bree, Daniel, Jonas, Gemmaand Spencer. Personal tools Log in.

Season 1 Recap

Daniel is Bree’s best friend and potential romantic interest. I’m not gonna chase you everywhere. Transcript Grey background and a beeping noise, with text, appear. I’ve been religious my whole life and Lonlygirl15 only known Daniel for two years.

Retrieved from ” http: Her best friend Daniel grew concerned and convinced her to go on the run. Fine then, screw us. Retrieved from ” http: What are you doing? There is no footage of Taylor although she was mentioned briefly in the narration in the entire recap, and only one very brief shot of Sarah.

Hymn of One music stops and loud metal music suddenly starts playing. She was people’s friend Lend your verse to the Hymn of One. Jonas Lonslygirl15 have no idea.

Her friends at her side. Dude, what’s going on? Her name is Bree and she is 16 years old. The clips keep going back and forth. The Hymn of One.

YouTube Sensation Lonelygirl15 Dies in Season Finale of Web Show

If you missed the first season or just want to take a walk down memory lane, check out this lonelygirl15 season 1 recap video. Bree makes a noise with her lips.


But even at her lowest moments, she always had us. Cut lonelygirrl15 several more clips of Bree from different videos. Cut sason several pictures of Kate from her Bebo account.

Cut to a shot of Bree and Daniel from Thanksgiving. Fans from all over have often been inspired, and sometimes annoyed by her videos. Kept having this same dream over and over.

Pure, innocent, imaginative, a little bit of a bookworm. In her last appearance on the popular and influential Web show, Bree, portrayed by Jessica Lee Roselies lifeless on a table while her blood is transfused into one of the cult’s elders. Rose, who is a regular on the ABC Family lonflygirl15 “Greek” and is in the upcoming film “Perfect Sport,” said she didn’t mind not having a more dramatic recxp scene.

What do you want? Daniel goes after Aeason through the front door. There are other girls out there that the Order wants. Cut to a clip of Daniel walking along a Mexican street.

Bree was only a year older then me. Jonas and Sarah struggle for the keys in Sarah’s hands. The Rogue Elder’s Shadow, she holds some moral reservations about his betrayal of the Order and kidnapping of Emma.