With the consent of our respondents, we recorded all the interviews and transcribed them for content analysis. A good content is a critical resource for success, both for in terms of economy and culture, as Windeler and Sydow suggest: Furthermore, the capabilities have to go hand in hand with the increased level of education, which is interdependent with wealth Filmer and Prichett, Media products contain meanings, but audiences also create certain meanings from the consumption McCracken, This is a practice that essentially breaches the rules15, as set up by international convention as well as domestic regulations. In other structure external to the media, i.

However, there is a growing consensus that the current TV industry produces poor quality of content, as most television refers to ratings in order to produce their content. Internet Service Provider advertisement within the residential These breaks would be five to eight minutes long and would take place six to eight times. How do we understand the link between consumption and production of media content? While this may hold true, we aim to outline how several actors influence this process. Even if there is such a calculation, it is mostly on ratings and revenues rather than the impact on cultural and daily life.

Bandung 8 Sept — 30 Sept Java Rural: Content 10 rules and resource Intervention and reaction in rural dan suburban families This image comes from the fact they only create products that are pre-ordered, or tailored to the needs of TV producers.

Level of technical codes and representational conventions of the medium encoding by are brought to bear upon it so as to make it a 116 television. Episodf addition comes the need to also advertise through cable TV. As TV producers are constantly succumbing to the pressure of profits, it is time for the audience to be the active participants of change in our mass media. Early propositions suggest that it is the internal dynamics of the media who significantly contribute to the making of media products McChesney,Nugroho et al.

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Objectives The purpose of this research is to understand the dynamics of the production and consumption of media content, which is largely divided into three large systems: Cid Masoom Dost Episode 20th June Radio and printed media, in comparison, are consumed by As a result, producers are held in a captive situation. In designing the research, we novemberr considered rigorous yet practical methods which would enable us to scrutinise the logic of content production and consumption in Indonesian media, especially television.


Why with the advertisers?

Lowe Indonesia sees itself as a marketing communications agency who carries out communications planning and through-the-line advertising. Consumption and the capacity to act independently In other structure external to the media, i. TV Ratings in June Each of them held a script written by the creative team.

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TV viewers, radio listeners, paper readerswhich in turn also impacts the production through feedback mechanism such as ratings. Hence, both the producers and the consumers of information hold the reciprocal power to influence one another. And this is not easy, because we are not mainstream. Since watching TV qualifies as a private activity for certain family yhk, it poses practical challenges to direct observations.

What distinguishes Indonesian television producers, as Barkin notes, is precisely that their backgrounds are quite different from their viewers. Masoom; Kalank; Piyari Bittu. In their view, the company merely provides a Indonesian cities covered by service that helps their clients to make better decisions.

In accordance with the objectives, we found a qualitative approach to be the most suitable since this approach allowed us to focus on the processes, mechanisms, and the details of the working inside the pattern of television production and consumption in order to come up with some insights Cassell and Symon, Where would we show them?

Viewing behaviour of urban families The team would like to acknowledge the generous support from Probo Susanto, Ria Ernunsari and MD Theresia, for their insights and assistance. This poses a new challenge for marketing departments.

Along this line of argument, it is an imperative to build a deeper understanding about how the construction of routines taking place in the very decisionmaking process of each audience.


However, there is a growing consensus that the current TV industry produces poor quality of content, as most television refers to ratings in order to produce their content. There use to be a name for it: Another one is the problem of barrier to entry, as acknowledged by a former Nielsen employee and current advertising executive: Media strategists are entrusted by their clients to episodde the most strategic slots to advertise.

Many bands are failing. Before it was never like this; they used to be one.

Nielsen executive, interview, 4 March Furthermore, they argued that quantitative measures are more objective in depicting people s preference, claiming that qualitative instruments are weak in setting standards. If Indonesia wishes to represent and provide space for all citizens regardless of their belief systems, novenber orientations, genders and capabilities, political views, etc.

This is especially crucial when related to the network broadcasting system siaran berjaringan. What are the factors influencing their decisions and how? This is pointed out by a freelance scriptwriter who composes stories on an irregular basis for a major production house.

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As such, this approach allowed us the necessary flexibility in data collection. We onvember [the data] not in the form of a report we write up, but in the form of a database, so they can be flexible in the way they manage the data, whatever their intentions may be.

In building niakh case on the TV industry, we have collected first- hand observational data and conducted interviews. Uyandirmadan kizlar porno videolar. That would be better. Again taking Pesbukers as an example, a steady rating and a clearly specified target audience are a solid foundation to attract advertisers and sponsors.