Welcome, Login to your account. Sign in Recover your password. Arzoo recalls Zeenat holding her hand and says she will prove that Zeenat is not in coma. She proceeds towards outhouse and is scared. She recalls marrying him and cries. Arzoo collides with vase. Page 1 of 1. Arzoo opines that there is no one related to Sahir here.

Arzoo says I will not give you permission to disturb him. Page 1 of 1. I have to proof to the world that I am right. Arzoo asks her to wait. Alvira comes there and gets shocked seeing Sahir injured. She gets worried about the consequences. Kurti Apa asks what is it?

Plz h Hasan update the show fast everyday, plzzzzzz. Arzoo comes inside the ward and asks Sahir to wake up. She hears some noise. Kurti Apa comes and scolds Arzoo for troubling Zeenat. Arzoo says Alvira and Zaki will janury on them as they are his family. Nausheen asks her to take care of Arzoo.

The episode starts with Arzoo stopping Sahir from hurting himself. Page 1 of 1. Click here for All New Thursday Spoilers.

I have to proof to the world that I am right. She says nothing wrong will happen. Alvira asks her to stop her drama and pray for Sahir. Kurti Apa tells her that Zeenat is related to this house and therefore Sahir is related to epiaode.


She says he will come home in sometime. Doctor asks her to stay outside the operation theatre. Alvira talks to someone and says we have to be careful. This house is not of Sahir. Kurti Apa says it is really good. She gets tensed and goes to attend the call. She tells God not to take his Sahir from her. Nausheen cries 28tn hugs her. She puts sky blue nail polish on her nails. She says still there are so many fights pending. Sahir saved me and got injured instead.

Arzoo panics and shouts his name. He says we can keep an eye on the persons coming home. She falls down unconscious. Arzoo says I will inform Alvira aunty and Sahir. A password will spisode e-mailed to you.

Humsafars 28th January 2015 FULL EPISODE | Aarzoo & Sahir’s HOT KISS

Arzoo thinks Allah knows that I have to do something. Arzoo explains that it is Goodnight fast card to prevent mosquitoes from coming in. Arzoo asks her to call her daily. Now that I have read the new spoiler of humsafar…. I have to pray for Zeenat and Sahir. She says nothing will happen.

Zaki asks her not to do any drama. Sahir says no one has shown the right on me till today. Vikram thinks they have so many secrets.


Januarh says what did I hide from you? She recalls marrying him and cries. Arzoo asks him to listen to her. Vikram says he will match their finger prints with the poison bottle.

Humsafars 28th January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Kurti Apa asks her about the magical bed. The killer shoots at Arzoo and Sahir gets hurt at his back.

Last updated Jan 30, I have to worry about you, being your bhabhu. Sahir says he needs to be at home. Episove Apa is seen sitting beside Zeenat and says she will take care of her. Sign in Recover your password. Mf 27th Jan – She says my Zeenat only has the right on Sahir. Please H Hasan send updates fast within half an hour after show ends.

Humsafars 28th January FULL EPISODE | Aarzoo & Sahir’s HOT KISS – video dailymotion

Arzoo lifts the bed with a remote. What is his relation with this house. Thanks for the update H Hasan.