The investment of Habbaniya, by Iraqi forces, had come to an end. Commonwealth War Graves Commission. A company of RAF Assyrian Levies, supported by artillery from Kingcol, was ordered to secure the bridge across the river. Many Iraqis resented these conditions because Iraq was still under the control of the British Government. On 18 April, the convoy moved up the Shatt al-Arab and arrived at Basra at hrs. History of World War II by region and country.

The RAF dropped ten tons of bombs on Fallujah in sorties. The arrival of these aircraft was the direct result of fevered consultations between Baghdad and Berlin in the days following RAF strikes on the Iraqi forces above Habbaniya. British soldiers looking at Baghdad , 11 June On 2 May, the day AVM Smart launched his airstrikes, Wavell continued to urge for further diplomatic action to be taken with the Iraqi government to end the current situation and accept the Turkish government’s offer of mediation. All possible aid will be sent. Retrieved from ” https: Casualties slight [20] At least killed [21] 28 aircraft [22].

Before this, Iraqforce was more or less limited to the forces landed at and advancing from Basra. As a result of the successful action against Ashar, Basra City was secured without a fight.

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The flying column under Brigadier Kingstone then conducted maintenance at Rutbah before moving on themselves. September — March Defence. In addition, the flow of Iraq Petroleum Company oil to Haifa was completely severed. They had been sent up ahead of the main column to assist the Arab Legion in taking Rutbah.

Thomas, David A He was informed by the Defence Committee that there would be no accepting the Turkish offer and that the situation in Iraq had to be restored. On 2 May, he had been cindma as follows: By the end of the day, the Iraqi force, outside of Habbaniya, had grown to roughly a brigade. Also on 29 April, [14] the British Ambassador, Sir Kinahan Cornwallis, [35] advised that all British women and children should leave Baghdad; civilians were escorted by road to Habbaniya and during f,yinn following days were gradually airlifted to Shaibah.


They determined not to interfere with the ongoing operations of Colonel Roberts.

The Germans come to the vam of their Ally By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Half of the trucks were irregulars under the command of Fawzi al-Qawuqji and the other half were Iraqi Desert Police. But, while a nuisance, the attacks by the Luftwaffe accomplished little.

Anglo-Iraqi War

The putschists considered Britain to be weak and that its cunema would negotiate with the Golden Square. Initially, the Iraqi siege of RAF Habbaniya and the ability of the besieged British force there to withstand the siege was the primary focus of the conflict. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. In addition, to the heart-wrenching story, this show has one of the best scores of the twentieth century.

Slim would go on to show himself as one of the most dynamic cinea innovative British commanders of the war. In addition, Iraqi forces occupied points along the Tigris and along the railway to further discourage northward movement. By 1 May, the Iraqi forces surrounding Habbaniya had swelled to an infantry brigade, two mechanised battalions, a mechanised artillery brigade with 12 3. The Revolt in Iraq”.

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Clark finema a total of about 1, men to attack at least 20, Iraqi defenders. In addition, Amanda Morton serves as the Musical Director. While the relief force from Palestine arrived in Habbaniya after the siege was over, it did allow an immediate change over to the offensive. While Rashid Ali and his supporters were in alliance with the Nazi regime in Germany, the war demonstrated that Iraq’s independence was at best conditional on British approval of the government’s actions.


Not only was I greatly impressed by the solid foundations laid by my predecessor, but I was also able the better to appreciate the vastness of the problems with which he had been confronted and the greatness of his achievements, in a command in avj some 40 different languages are spoken by the British and Allied Forces. The Secret War for the Middle East: Following the withdrawal of al-Qawuqji’s trucks and the successful bombing by the RAF, the garrison withdrew from the fort under the cover of dark.

In the immediate aftermath of the fall of Rashid Ali’s “National Defence Government” and the armistice, Baghdad was torn apart by rioting and looting. Supplement to the London Gazette, Number All possible aid will be sent. On the base 13 people had lost their lives and a further avk wounded, including nine civilians. At least 20 bombers were initially promised; however, in the end Junck’s unit consisted of cindma 21 and 29 aircraft, all painted with Royal Iraqi Air Force markings.