Lagipula tagline bahwa film ini didasarkan pada legenda Taman Langsat yang angker sungguh menggoda keingintahuan pecinta film seram…. They put her in the safe house call Deveraux Transition House who gives her some medical and psychological treatment to help her started a new life. Kali ini yang mencari Evan dan Tilda, sementara Vidi, Remi, dan Gesti di kelompok lain…yang lagi-lagi hanya kelompok Evan dan Tilda yang mencari tahu namun kelompok yang lain malah tinggal di bungalow, tidak ikut mencari, dan hanya bergosip soal Evan dan Tilda bahwa keduanya suka berhubungan seks. Kan dia tidak terlibat apapun dalam proyek film itu Likewise, I saw some clumsiness on this film, at the opening scene when Debbie was about to get suicide, she drags string of light from her bedroom and how come the light still on after she pulled it and used by her as a hanging tool. The abandon house finally got new owner, Asher family, who filled it after being left so many years. She smiles and nodded and we go out tonight to see the movie. And I do like every single scene, despite the confusing story, especially the exorcist battle that full with video effect.

Despite that, I liked the story, it was original idea, came up with back and forth plot that describe present and past, in the middle of it the story mixing present and past in the same plot. They put her in the safe house call Deveraux Transition House who gives her some medical and psychological treatment to help her started a new life. Daniel dan Ozzie akhirnya datang ke Taman Langsat untuk melakukan proses casting dan menemukan semua Talent sudah hadir disitu sementara Genta dan Yoga tidak nampak batang hidungnya. Taman itu tidak terbuka untuk umum, gerbangnya digembok dan untuk masuk kesana menurut penjaganya harus dengan perjanjian lebih dahulu. If she said that she loss 6 hours of her time on that day, so it probably a half left or almost empty. Selama survey, sang produser melakukan tindakan brutal yang nyaris memperkosa Shinta tapi kemudian justru menewaskan Shinta yang keguguran dan kehabisan darah. Begitu geregetannya saya pada film ini sehingga setelah menontonnya saya memutuskan berkunjung ke taman tersebut.

Is it some mistake? The first look of the ghost happened when Laine see through the glass of oujia tools. Their relationship heals their pain and they accompany her anywhere when she becomes ghost hunter with Pandji.

They put her in the safe house call Deveraux Transition House tamam gives her some medical and psychological treatment to help her started a new life. Berkisah tentang majestik kekasih, Evan dan Gesti, yang pergi ke suatu pulau untuk melakukan foto pre-wedding bersama sahabat mereka Roman fotograferRemi penata riasVidi sepupu Gestidan Tilda sahabat mereka semua. The husband, Daniel, had no work for the last three months and it put a lot of strain on his relationship with Lacy, his spouse.

Takan, the girl that named Dorris Zander, is which bring her to mental institution to meet Doris cousin, Paulina Zander. His investigation found out that a group of marines that send to Iraq change the three of them, Mick Santino, Jimmy Tratner, and Buttler into some doors for Evil to pass to earth.

Meskipun bintang utama sudah ditemukan mereka tetap harus mencari artis-artis pendukung sehingga Genta mengusulkan membuat casting di tempat angker supaya talent yang diundang bisa merasakan atmosfir horror.

From that, the war began and Jesse managed to kill the old woman by pushing her through the stair. Lwngsat saya berpikir hantu itu muncul hanya sebagai penampakan saja sementara tokoh antagonis yang berperan sebagai pembunuh brutal adalah Jessica, tapi ternyata apa yang saya pikirkan tidak sejalan dengan ceritanya karena ternyata hantu itu membunuh juga…dia membunuh Vidi saat berenang di kolam renang bersama Remi…tapi mirisnya hanya satu korban saja…sementara yang lainnya dibereskan oleh Jessica amyestik kesan brutal dari si hantu berkurang…hanya mampu membunuh satu korban saja….


Funny to found out that the main star of this movie was also has a name of Annabelle…Annabelle Walis as Mia. If Lacy had a brushes on her forehead, Daniel had a nose-bleed. The shaman priest gave an egg to her to exorcist the spirit inside Jesse, but they refuse.

Kemunculan hantu perempuan pembawa clurit banyak diumbar di seperempat bagian awal, mulai dari mimpi Evan, mimpi Vidi, lalu ketika Evan mayestjk Gesti mengambil foto di berbagai lokasi yang ternyata diikuti dengan kemunculan hantu wanita itu di setiap pose. During his searched he finds Vampire, the curse human that being manipulated and deceives by Evil which changes him into horrible looks fil has tremendous power for langsay Vampire could defeat one battalion of Turkish soldier alone.

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So, atman dulu komentar saya tentang film ini karena saya masih harus melanjutkan tulisan tentang film lain yang lagi heboh seperti Annabelle…. My ooo my…ok, stop for the moment and I shall write my opinion for Dracula Untold….

The abandon house finally got new owner, Asher family, who filled it after being left so many years. A ghost with stitched at her mouth and angry old woman that thrown up everything. Saya bukan orang yang menghindari sex talk dalam cerita tapi rasanya saya mendengar terlalu banyak dan rasanya hampir membuat perut saya melilit karena bertanya-tanya apakah tidak ada topik lain yang bisa dibahas anak-anak muda keren ini selain tamaj The fact that this movie inspired by true story of NYPD Sergeant made me think that the creep was truly happening out there.

Alan Asher and tzman wife Emily also move their children, the teenagers Evan, Sara, and Anita for coincidence to be the exact number of the lamgsat dead family. Tapi sayangnya kontinity yang bagus itu sedikit ternoda oleh telinga Evan yang masih utuh padahal Jessica jelas-jelas memotongnya sebelum melakukan adegan potong jari sementara darah sudah membanjiri kerah leher Evan di bagian sebelah kanan.

Itu menurut saya sesuatu yang keren, tapi kenapa tahu-tahu hantu yang muncul di taman itu ada genderuwo, kuntilanak, bahkan pocong masuk disitu? Vidi dan Evan mencari tapi kelompok yang lain malah duduk-duduk di taman dan bergosip soal Evan dan Vidi, sekedar menjelaskan ke penonton bahwa Evan dan Vidi pernah punya hubungan. Joseph team were using modern and scientific methods like Electronic Magnetic Pulse EMP to tracks negative energy from ghost, sensor camera to photograph an aura from Jane to shown the figure of the thing that bothers her, they name it Evey and I found it very amazing in that period, also playing loud rock music in order to kept Jane from sleep so her agitation could increased the activity of that negative energy.

And I think it works well. Beberapa aktivitas juga tidak pas, misalnya seperti adegan memisahkan diri dalam kelompok untuk mencari teman yang hilang. Actually, Vlad is close friend to Mehmet, the Sultan of Turkish, but ambition made Mehmet put away their relationship and pushed Count Vlad to provide him 1. The contact made them linked to spirit with initial D. It turns out that the sandman story becoming real when Lacy found out weird thing inside the house like food stern across the kitchen floor, the missing vegetable from the fridge, and missing photo from the frames.

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The scar was there no more. It was when Nell comes outside the house with a boot shoes that belong to her friends, get inside the car then drove it to the highway which also burns all building that being passes by her vehicle to fulfill the prophecy that said evil will burns everything at the end of the world, and again it left us no choice than pick her side or live with nothing…well some might say so…and the exorcism will not last after all….


Selama survey, sang produser melakukan tindakan brutal yang nyaris memperkosa Shinta tapi kemudian justru menewaskan Shinta yang keguguran dan lansgat darah. To solve the problem, Laine try to find out who D. Believe me, I know what it feels.

Genta dan Yoga bertemu dengan penjaga taman bernama Ki Langsat, dari pria inilah Genta mendapat informasi mengenai asal muasal kenapa ada hantu di taman tersebut. Not many horror film involving police duty, most of all become crime fighting stories or action genres but in Deliver Us From Evil, Sergeant Ralph Sarchie was dealing with a prime crime, the devil himself to be fought. Dan memang film ini film horror serius sementara kehadiran Mongol disitu sekedar untuk memperiang suasana, malah sebenarnya menurut saya banyak dipaksakan sehingga kehadiran Mongol sebagai makluk transgender yang berprofesi sebagai perias make-up disitu sayangnya tidak banyak menolong sebagai bagian dari film horror.

She said that the spirit become stronger if they not release the stitched on Dorris mouth, so they have to open it. Posted by FrEaKnCo at Firstly, he found it was awesome thing but when he meet Oscar that warn him about the marked, and made suicide in front of him, Jesse could no longer accept all the strange thing and try to throw it out. It began at Oxford in when Joseph Coupland was showed some cases on his parapsychology class.

Sebagai catatan, sebenarnya saya enggan sekali menuliskan review tentang film ini ke blog saya karena berbagai alasan yang rasanya bisa bikin kuping merah, tapi setelah pertemuan saya dengan Evi Sri Rezeki dan Bang Aswi tentang penulisan blog, saya mendapat masukan untuk memasukkan setiap tulisan dari film-film horror yang saya tonton sebagaimana adanya….

Mereka yang seharusnya ketakutan setelah kabur dari tempat itu kemudian di adegan berikutnya malah memunculkan adegan berenang di pantai dan keduanya nampak tertawa-tawa senang. I mixed up on the first sight when the beginning of the scene on this film showing me how Franklin Morello get connected with his dead family with some supernatural radio. Dark Skies has a marvelous scene, the scene that I liked most, at massive dead of a bird that flew to the house, but the funny thing is when wildlife official who invited by Barret to check the birds says that she will do some autopsy on them.

The awkward get high when Lacy and Daniel stuck up in a lost time.

The girl was having her mouth stitched by dental floss also. I think autopsy only performed on human, but for animal? Memang tujuan karakter ini mungkin membalaskan dendam kakaknya yang tewas dibunuh saat pre-wedding di pulau dan menjadi hantu gentayangan supaya tiap mayestok pengantin yang mengambil foto pre-wedding di tempat tersebut mengalami nasib naas yang sama, tapi kenapa tidak menyerahkannya kepada si hantu itu sendiri?

Lalu saat adegan dimana Gesti masuk ke kamar, menangis karena cemburu melihat Tilda dan Evan yang baru pulang setelah melakukan pencarian ternyata bergandengan tangan. I mean, in logical, what will you do if someone set up some plans to kill you and he make words of it?

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Yang kedua, di malam hari saat mencari Roman yang kedua kali fiom dia belum kangsat ke bungalow. And the family let Sam live as she pleased on their house until the girl brought some trouble thing to Evan, like pursuing him to play supernatural radio that was belong to Franklin Morello.

Sangat tidak masuk akal bila tiba-tiba terjadi gangguan atau penampakan di kantor PH hanya karena Genta dan OB membicarakan soal Taman Langsat yang angker.