More over, in this movie almost everybody seems out of role, except in part Ventura and Delon. The price of love, or at least the price of adultury, would appear to be fifty million smackers. The plot is quite complicated and the viewer needs to work hard to keep track of all the cons. The gifted cast is top-notch, and the photography, apart from the hijacked jet landing, is terrific. Le Goff and his men nearly catch Sartet with his pants down in a brothel, but the cop killer stages a miraculous escape. Its not a film for the pc brigade however as there is plenty of sexual denouement, Sartet’s affair with the beautiful Jeanne Manalese Irina Demick producing one of cinemas most outrageous moments of sexual symbolism, its so absurd you just have to laugh. Your name or email address:

But that’s the tragic beauty of life when even experience can be outweighed by a question of principles, a sense of immanent justice, that would reconcile men as different as Le Goff and Mannalese. ElMaruecan82 24 January Vittorio certainly lived by an old wisdom, “Keep your friends close but your enemies closer. The two venerables, Gabin and Nazzari, were probably never explained which parts they were playing in which movie. Le Goff and his men nearly catch Sartet with his pants down in a brothel, but the cop killer stages a miraculous escape. Gabin introduces him to his sizable family of a wife, two sons, a daughter, a son-in-law, a grandchild and a daughter-in-law Demick who seems instantaneously taken with Delon. As he would in Le Cercle Rouge the next year Delon gets the ball rolling by being sprung from prison to the chagrin of cop Lino Ventura Bourvil would be the cop after Delon in Le Cercle Rouge and the satisfaction of Vittoria Manalese Gabin who is after Delon’s input on a major heist he has in mind. Eventually, Nicosia sends the man with the other half of the C-note, and Vittorio and his sons set up the plan to steal the priceless jewels.

Gabin wants to pull off this flm jewel robbery of a location that Delon’s character has some inside knowledge of delon shared a cell with a guy who used to work at this museum displaying rare jewelery and xiciliens exchange for protection–delon gets inside info on both the layout of the museum and the security device triggers–he gets enough info to even map out a blueprint of the lay-out of the place–a little head start on future planning.


I saw the first half of the first lethal weapon movie. And so it proves. Both times I was deeply impressed.

Having just been broken out of jail, Delon proposes el robbery to Jean Gabin who heads the Sicilian Clan. Aside from an opening escape from a police van, most of the action in this complicated thriller is fairly realistic and incredibly suspenseful.

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We are talking about porn titles and lethal weapons is not. My favorite by far was Lino Ventura as the police inspector who sucks lollipops while trying to quit smoking.

Sign in to vote. Film is a lot less dour then you’d expect a film with these three stars to beits not that the film is a comedy–but there are a lot of funny moments throughout entire running time leading up to the audacious jewel heist that is the film’s reason for being.

After conferring with an old partner, Gabin and the partner find a way to pull off the robbery. Oh wait, that isn’t a porn. Outstanding and worthwhile watching.

Delon is well cast as the aimless scoundrel who fails to use good judgement. In my opinion that adds to the realism. Although Vittorio has carefully run his syndicate for years and is planning to retire to Sicily with his wife, he cannot resist glaand enticing job.

This polished melodrama about the underworld and the plotting of a major heist caper stars three heavyweight dramatic Gallic thespians; namely, Jean Gabin of “Grand Illusion”Alain Delon of “Red Sun”and Lino Ventura of “Three Tough Guys” The heist itself is fairly spectacular given that the ice in question is in the hold of a transatlantic airliner en route from Paris to New York.

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Feb 12, Messages: The Sicilian Clan truly deserves it and every second of the film is tightly acted and directed. Picture talks about a tough criminal convict -Alain Delon- who escapes and contacts a Siciliens clan ruled by an intelligent old man – Jean Gabin – to prepare a spectacular heist ; siciiens they’re pursued by an obstinate Police Inspector – Lino Ventura.

Keeping with the French siiliens, there are also a few dollops of nudity from one of Delon’s bedmates and whomever doubled for Miss Demick on the beach Delon also strips down to some dinky white briefs for a scene.

Lino Ventura as a stubborn Police Inspector is awesome. For me, this sicilidns a little slow getting to the point, but the dubbing really took me out of the plot.


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That robbery and its aftermath are part of the plot of “Goodfellas. More over, in this movie almost everybody seems out of role, except in part Ventura and Delon. The story is full of headstrong and robust characters, active on both sides of the law, and the film undoubtedly owes a great deal of its success to the stellar acting performances. He didn’t touch a woman for two years, almost got himself arrested for an escapade with a prostitute, and she’s fascinated by this man who, unlike her husbands, isn’t reluctant to use his gun.

Henri Verneuil’s direction is one of his best, and Ennio Morricone’s seducing Mediterranean score is simply stunning, catchy and one of his best works of the sixties. As one of the IMDb reviewers said, “The best feature of this film is the fantastic sound track by the genius composer Ennio Morricone”.

I am going to watch Le Casse next. An error has occured. Alain Delon as a cold and two-fisted delinquent is top notch. He can do this because each prisoner in the van is locked up individually in a phone booth sized compartment. After the fact, Gabin finds out Delon slept with one of his sons’ wives, iflm throughout had a yen for Delon.

It’s amazing that Gabin, Delon, and Ventura enjoyed such fame yet aren’t well known to U. ElMaruecan82 24 January Log in or Sign up. The only way to escape from security is to rob the diamonds siculiens the plane that will take them to New York and hi-jack it. Casa de Non Compos Mentis. Its that kind of go for broke attitude that makes the film a lot of fun–but Ennio Morricone’s nearly constant theme music also helps a great deal. During the loud, noisy bus ride through congested Parisian streets to the lock-up, Sartet not only unlocks his handcuffs but he also cuts a hole large enough in the metal floor of the van to slip through it.