But the minute Murtaza enters her life again, she has forgiven him and does not mind enjoying a cup of tea with the man who threw her to the curb…. Ahaan and this scene seems so new to me.. My suggestion again would be to post your opinion regarding your thoughts on the drama. Alot of grace, proper dialogues, good exposure and decent dressing sense too. But I really like that about her. The less of these above-mentioned stalwarts the better for ZGH, and for the ratings.

I avoid watching her [unfunny sitcom like Bulbulay] and only bear to watch her cos I like the drama ZGH. No the dheet dialogue is actually after the z k and sir ibrar scene when kashaf calls him to get mad at him and then she hangs up on him in car. Fawad you are really very handsome. Rehmat — Yes i get that a lot! Sanam looked so beautiful and strong and confident in that role , That is how I see her. I think you have explained yourself quite well!! I love him and his acting. But you have permission to disagree and love it and tell us all why we are wrong that is the point of these blogs.

Anonymous February 7, at 4: But nonetheless they both really understand each other and darma great chemistry. Let me count the ways I detest thee! Things are slowly changing for the better for Kashaf and yet she is still complaining and crying about esrial past.

Aap bhi agar negative cheezon par apna focuss Kum kar dain to behtar ho ga after all you are preaching me to be calm and relax and be positive. Lots of people have problems with Rafia being forgiving.

She was looking lovely. Every Pakistani show is flawed technically in way or the other. Since you are an Umera Ahmed fan, I am sure you are close to your Creator since UA talks about that at length in her work. Instead he goes full throttle at being who he has become.

See, disagreeing on the story bits, or the acting is fair enough. So for me I went looking for spoilers because I wanted to understand their relationship and realized the novel did show why kashaf had hated Zaroon.


Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 14 Review

The rich are rich but are they happy and content? Yes, I too think Kashaf, ko ab thora kam complain karna chahiye ab. I felt the theme was so well illustrated bloopers that overcame my issues with such minor faults. So true that both parents need to be on same page and need to bloopers each other in front of kids, even if they do have differences! Although most of her complaints are pretty ridic, i do have to agree with her when it comes to her aggravation about marriage.

Now that Asmara sreial Sara have been slowly phased out. You are so not rambling!! The screenplay is strange. I too have my set of issues with this drama in terms drmaa editing but I feel the overall product has been decent in terms of acting, story etc that I can overlook it when discussing the overall product. A lot of the uploads had cut off this scene so you only got 32mins. How many people are disliking this show? Iram Javed November 17, at 8: As to there not being good reviews I personally wrote literally glowing reviews for episodes 2 and 3 go read them at Dp.

They have this unconventional chemistry that clicks.

Was this episode gulzar for you? You are commenting using your WordPress. I hope once the romance starts it might be better. Once again, I am in no way telling you guys what to discuss and what not to, but according to what I have observed this drama is more or less draa based on small details which I have no clue about while watching the drama. Notify me of new comments via email.

Zindagi Gulzar Hai ~ Episode 14 Review – Desi Rants N Raves

I love her enthusiasm for Zaroon. I only like Zaroon because of Fawad otherwise I think he is a difficult character for me to like.

Anyways i really wish our culture did not hak this mentality ke glzar woman is a useless being unless she is married no matter srial successful or content she is in life, she must get married to be accepted in the society.


Aik cig kaafi hai. Mona — I think Zaroon is totally enjoying the cat and mouse game. I cannot see any sparkle or any chemistry betwween the lead pair. Except for the churail scene when he never knew who she was, he was never rude, never put her down for being middle class andnever personally attacked her. This woman complains too much for her own good! He called her churail but he said it to the girl whose name was the first one on the list, it gupzar have been anyone.

More of Zaroon and Kashaf scenes and what leads to their wedding is something I am really looking forward to! As a mother I would hate to see my daughter find superficial happiness like Kashaf does…in small successes and victories.

Not that those are not important but I feel real lasting happiness has to come from a peaceful mind. Simple clothes can be prettier than these surely.

Zindwgi can tell that Sidra is still the same old bubblyvery caring sister, she was four? Since the last years, channels like Hum and Ary have produced many dramas which have attracted a huge audience for dramas. Sometimes Its not good to criticise just for sake of criticism. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

SZ 1 thing i like abt u keh aap apne uper criticism ko bare dil keh sath accept ker lete ho warna to log counter seriaal kerna shoro ho jate hain……nw coming to ur ques i think epi …. Posted by Sarah Khan at Rehmat — Thanks so much!!