Searching for diamonds and iron for his beacon Prepping to cure a zombie villager. Mindcrack Server – Episode 71″. Mindcrack Server – Episode 59″. B-Team Saves the Server:: How to solo kill a wither pt. See B Team Trial.

Working on the roulette table at the B-Team casino Watching generikb survive an anvil drop. Responding to Pyro’s prank Building a shrine in an attempt to humiliate Pyro. Working on the village roads Discussing his desire for a death counter and weddings. Showing Pyrao around King of the Ladder to welcome Pyrao to the server Falling down to Guude’s basement after Baj invites him to look in a whisper. Mindcrack Server – Episode Showing materials collected and tweaking his entrance hall Discussing string to stop mobs, modifications to the Luck Box and his modified texture pack Trying to build a sheep cryo chamber. Making a skeleton trap with Etho and Guude.

Gathering Nether quartz Talking about Minecraft updates Turning the lever builving in the Spawn village into a Quartz store. Discovering the arena village has been walled in and covered by sand Cleaning up adligtont’s prank Modifying Guude’s village to increase villager breading Enchanting at the Ender Ender.

Beginning of Season 4 Discussing their plans for the first few weeks and the spawn continent Caving with Guude and Etho and racing against Pyro and BlameTC for resources. Visiting the club in the Arena village Walking through the Nether to generikb’s home Exploring a Nether fortress Caving at Generikb’s place. Breeding Taylor Swift and Beyonc?

Assaulting a desert temple to eliminate the thieving “Skeleton Bones Cult” for a reward from Mudbucket’s sheriff Looting the desert temple within the village, then destroying it with TNT Venturing away from Mudbucket to bdouhleo other horses. How to solo kill a wither pt. B-Team Saves the Server:: Collecting animals Working on the exterior walls of the arena.

Creating a fallen tree bridge Working on hidden lighting and the path. Working on the arena details and stairs Discussing quartz blocks and Minecraft updates. Building a house and a water wheel that harvests and cooks potatoes Talking about a shaders mod. Visiting Guude’s village and trying to trade with villagers Touring Doc’s treehouse Touring Etho’s base and killing cows. Mindcrack Server – Episode 62″.

Looking at the progress Arkas has made on the arena Leaving a “wireless” bomb in Kurt’s missile silo Leaving a glowstone bribe and TNT threat at Nebris’ base Bdoubloe a lava bribe for Zisteau Bribing mcgamer with lapis blocks Leaving a bribe of leaves and redstone at Doc’s treehouse. Complaining about mob spawns caused eipsode a misunderstanding about the “bl” function Enchanting an axe and pickaxe Touring builds at spawn then decorating the area around the town hall.


Front facade and floor of house completed Work on the village “HomeDepot”. Traveling and searching for adlingtont’s hidden room Chopping down some mushrooms. Laying out the base of the town hall and talking about plans for the completed structure Discovering and taming a horse, and naming her ” Pamela Anderson ” Adding a staircase to an enchanting station that was haphazardly built atop somebody’s house Harvesting snow. Discussing Arena preparations Discovering mcgamer has set the cops on the B-Team casino.

Showing his farm and the beginnings of his house Getting lost in the nether Opening his Christmas gift. Hanging out at generikb’s base Trading with villagers Fighting mobs appearing from under thejims mycelium island Leaving the threat of a “horse head” at thejims.

Thanking the other Mindcrackers for fixing his arena and cleaning up the water and boats Automating the arena armory.

Working on the roulette table at the B-Team casino Watching generikb survive an anvil drop. Working on the water feature in front of the arena Constructing roads in the village. Discussing the use of foliage to add depth Working on his house and discussing creating big trees Building a bridge from his house to spawn Talking about his neighbors barking dog. Working on the arena stands Talking about what has changed over the past year and his hopes for the new year Commenting on Etho’s gift.

Mindcrack Server – Episode 77″. Constructing his house on his plot Exploring the town Burning Arkas’ shed Visiting the farm at the edge of town. Showing what W92Baj has done to decorate spawn Trying to retrieve his diamond chestplate from a Zombie Pigman that he lost during the Death Games Showing the progress of the roof of the Nether Hub. Gathering supplies Building a sailboat.

Minecraft Building with BdoubleO – Episode – Pre-Release time!

Showing changes to the arena village Getting caught in Etho’s trap Talking about Feed the Beast server. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in. Touring the secret hideout Considering Millbee’s application. Talking about his livestream with generikb Confusion in the nether tunnels Leaving a note for the person bribing MCGamer to kill the B-Team Collecting materials from other builds Finding sand left over from adlingtont’s prank on the arena village Traveling to his previously claimed area to begin building.


Looking for 712 and discussing tactics Fixing the looting sword and making Feather falling boots and showing the arena Zisteau fixed Making a walk in closet that dresses you after selections are made.

Recently added videos

Showing the changes made on the arena Discussing what has to be finished before games in the arena begin. Mindcrack Server – Episode 73″. Lighting up the area around the arena Beginning to build the village. Discussing plans and possibilities for the Town Hall design Continuing to work on the facade of his house. Talking about last Christmas Looking for Christmas gifts Opening and leaving gifts.

Taking a Zisteaunian shower Lining the base of the arena in obsidian and sandstone. Preparing to build a Mayan temple Showing the finished facade.

Defending a Death Games attack from Etho Then helping to recover Etho’s items Introducing the idea of catacombs for the Death Games Discovering a prank from Dinnerbone that flipped his building company upside down Removing an unidentified prank that left four large brown mushrooms in the Town Hall Digging out an underground area and creating an entrance for the catacombs.

Showing progress made on Docm77’s witch farm Explaining that it was Etho that left the mushrooms in the Town Hall and dug the deep two wide hole Creating a random floor and roof design in the catacombs and explaining the catacombs will function.

You coming at me? Reminding viewers that everyone on the server is friends and talks to each other Rebuilding mcgamers house as a “B” Experimenting with buipding ideas Talking about games he likes. Negotiating with Beef for episoee of his castle. Talking episoee the B-Team meetup Working on the arena stands.

Gathering sand Constructing the Green House.