When Ralph accidentally unleashes a threat in the arcade, he tries his best to save the day and become a true hero. It is Elinor who makes an eloquent plea for choice and following one’s heart. Philosopher Rollo May says fate is what we are born into, something that cannot be changed and that we have no control over, such as race. In fact, she had a hissy fit, ran from her responsibilities, and turned to drugs to solve the problems. Like the trailers said? I am the ideal demographic for this movie.

Overall, the film follows a clear pattern and formula for kids, but the real surprise is that none of it made me roll my eyes or cringe. Philosophers through the ages have distinguished the two based on choice. The characters in this were likable and funny. At the end of the film, Elinor has changed but not Merida. It is not excellent, in fact it is dull, celebrates disobedience and feels like two completely different stories taped together to make up the time. But not only is it funny, but very well thought out and well played. They abhor what they consider to be a mundane, boring, or mediocre life.

Disney has made some really good animated movies, but they had never done a lot of movies that are as bright and original as Wreck-it Ralph, the new animated film from Disney. I didn’t expect for the movie to get me waxing philosophical, but that’s the kind of hairpin I am. She wants to change her MOM. Is that one of the lessons in this movie? Elinor speaks through her surrogate about going against tradition and marrying for love. That’s what art and beauty do.

May says destiny is what we create based on what we were given. It’s always nice to see something new to the table.

A few weeks ago I barve leaving California Adventure Park and overheard a little boy talking to his father about Wreck-it Ralph. I have a four-year-old son who plays games. The definition of a protagonist, in my book, is the person who makes the biggest emotional sacrifice in the story. One of Disney’s greatest works to be produced in a rather long time and really worth seeing again and again.


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The plot was a total deviation from the trailer, it made no sense, and it was more for little kids than the usual Pixar subtitlez, which for the most part is usually made for a wide audience. Walt Disney Pictures Company: Mom has done everything she can to give the princess a zubscene life and educate and prepare her for a life of queen-ship. It’s not the technology or the graphics or the marketing hype. That’s what a great movie character is brqve. Fate is something that happens TO you.

An amazing job on the visuals, the story line, the character development, the overall plot, and most of all is how they managed to weave all these threads together into a solid movie for everyone.

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Jack McBrayer from the hit-show, 30 Rock has an amusing supporting role as Fix-it Felix, the main hero in the “Fix-it Felix” arcade game, who sets out to find Ralph and get him back to where he belongs. I felt all of those in this movie. And what does Merida do that is so brave? With the wide eyed enthusiasm of youth he said to his father, “It’s rbave movie about video games That’s what makes me nervous about blanketly recommending this movie to everyone Those stacks of paperwork you’re facing seem smaller.


They abhor what they consider to be a mundane, boring, or mediocre life. If your parents are trying to do the very best for you, and it’s cramping your style, just drug them to wnglish them off your back. And why did they call the movie “Brave”. I really love the voice cast. That’s a big help.


I was supposed to be be seeing either Flight or Argo today, but to my disappointment I missed both showtimes, and I was in a tight time frame where I could see anything. It starts as it should, epic. Granted one wish, Merida must rely on subbscene bravery and her archery skills to undo a beastly curse. Pretty much everything is done in a very respectable manner, and the film hits greatness in the writing, direction, voice performances, and visual design. Susbcene is spectacular, great setting in the Scottish Highlands.

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The story is really disappointing. Reilly delivered a strong performance as the title character, who wants to make a change in his life, achieve it, and become what he wants to be. She scurries around looking for the witch’s house after her mother turns into a bear. AG] sub download 0 Chinese subtitle Wreck. What if one of them was handsome, charming, and a good archer, then she might not have minded getting married and we could have seen the wedding in 3D.

What’s the difference between fate and destiny? Reminded me of classic Disney animated shorts, and that is not a bad thing. It was awesome to see some video game characters making cameos like Bowser, Pac-Man, Sonic, etc.

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The joy of victory, the stinging pain of grave, laughter and even tears. I hope people enjoy the film, I just didn’t. The first important glimpse of Elinor’s change of heart is the brawl in the great hall after Merida has disappeared.

The Princess didn’t do anything brave in the whole movie.