Lily October 19, at 3: It says ‘Everyone can have position here without caring class. The matter of heaven and hell comes after that. If it was as simple as Eun-oh getting his mommy back, it wouldn’t be a matter of concern for the gods. Jade owns up to breaking his own rules all the time. In a nutshell, this is how Joonni explained this to me. It’s just so sad.

I have a hard time getting mad about deus ex machina in a show where two of the major characters are gods literally playing around with humanity. Joo-wal also played a good foil to Eun-oh, essentially gaining nothing in the end while Eun-oh gained practically all he wanted: Her love of Eun-oh is just part and parcel of that. I beg to disagree. She can so act. Check his pic on my friend’s FB wall:

When the Emperor and Yama see that Eun Oh sacrificed himself for Arang, he tries to send him to heaven but Eun Oh requests that he be returned to the land of the living.

That’s like saying a masseuse, a cook, and a struggling actress could live a huge New York City apartment because you saw it on Friends. Guyz Please i don’t magisyrate how did arang kill her self?

However Unless you are a social anthropologist who epieode spent years studying South Korean culture, might I suggest you avoid making sweeping assumption of an entire people or culture based on popular television shows? I felt happy spirits happily, and sad spirits sadly—living as a human was quite moving. In the ending, kid Eun-oh was only teasing kid Arang making her think he forgot. Hades chuckles that this is the best thing Jade Emperor has ever done.


Only Moo-yeong aka Grim Reaper can stop Moo-yeon with her vile powers but his attempts has not been successful so he asked Eun-oh to help him, who episose torn in choosing his mother and the woman he loved. I am satisfied that it’s not just a feel-good light drama that I expected, but much more meaty than that. I have to leave cuz I did everything i was supposed to do here.


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These aspects developed him into a character very difficult to hate, primarily because of his good intentions, but also because he acted as eisode pawn for other for the most part.

Why would you ask why everyone in this drama cries? Artistry Beyond Self-Production 3. This will be one of my all time fave kdrama! There was no point to letting two dead souls and one immortal body loose in the world magsitrate, using up precious life energy and continuing their respective notorious reputations in the Afterworlds and out.

Every movement of that bearded mouth made me want to somehow slap him through the computer screen, most especially when he laughed. Still don’t think the bang-less, all hair tied back look suits the adult character’s facial features though.

Pogo are U Buddhist or Not??? Or not, because I want her to be with Eun Oh forever. More Power and Long Live Viki, truly powered by avid fans.

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Mom was not attempting to stab her. Affection was unnecessary, ambition harmful, and no one was epksode from being used to accomplish their means. For some one as cool as Leejunki She was doing a favor for a mutual friend, and I was doing a favor for her, so the exchange happened.

Initially, the Jade Emperor Yoo Seung-ho and the King of the Underworld Park Joon-gyu seemed to be benevolent Gods that played ba-dook every minute of the day, both wanting to keep the world in balance.


Was this just some big wild goose chase for the poor dead girl? Lord Choi assures the governor that all his accusations are founded. Ok ep 18 made me cry so I expect will bring more tears. I am so sad I don’t get to see more of them! I dont listen to stuff I dont want to. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your WordPress. I will fall for him. Sorry, impulsive writer thing In the first place, what is the real way to caught Moo Yeon.

Thanks to those commenting.

I’m not satisfied with Joo Wal ending too Grim reaper is not a love ending, it’s supposed mayistrate be a punishment to have to work for Hades for eternity and not being allowed to have any desires. Meanwhile, Arang is given royal treatment by the Bang trio. Eun-oh is called a criminal and arrested by the newcomer and his armed guards: I told you many times not to drink it.

They way he pulled our emotions with his sophisticated impressive facial expression is superb. How can you not love Lee Jun-ki everyday?.

I was the one who made myself die. It says ‘Everyone can have position here without caring class. I think he was certainly prettier than any actress he ever worked with in that very androgynous, manhwa-hero way BEFORE he went off to military service which is what I see in those pics