Episode 2 was awkward. Plus, the scripted acting of the guests is just Your name or email address: A well known gravure idol that tends to do do sexy shots with her selling point being her “I” cups. Akimoto Sayaka heart to heart talk. Click here to see it and check how your oshimen did! Now see her side where she had endured. I wanna know though what she says on the word connecting test.

Asheron , Dec 7, My favorite kenkyusei, the seat grabber? Log in or Sign up. It’s completely out there. This episode is dangerous. Yes, my password is: Asheron , May 11, One is a popular female wrestler who is also a gravure idol due to her look, can’t remember her name off my head but you can also see her in some variety shows and if I’m not wrong, is a understudy of former female wrestler and current TV personality of Hokuto Akira or her husband who is also a fame wrestler.

This episode is about Takamina. Seriously, they could have asked the guy if he already had gf, couldn’t they?

listography: AKB48 (Kousagi Dojo)

skb Probably one of the best part of watching Kousagi Dojo, you get to see all these side of the girls. This show is getting better [clap]. Yeah I really like this show, especially that this show so far is showcasing more girls than even AKBingo it. Share This Page Tweet. Aug 2, Location: Episode 2 was awkward.


The flashing numbers were really cool too. Oct 4, Location: Kuramocchi is around as well!!

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AsheronDec 7, Well, I though it was. Though ironically the segment that really wears me out right now is the member interview section.

Click here to see it and check how your oshimen did! Now see her side where she had endured. ThumbsterDec 7, As some of you may have gotten it, Kousagi Dojo has been released in Sub Thanks for keep updating the videos Ashreon. Not sure but I think he also said she can’t focus on studying when she’s relaxed?

Ep 5 Part 1 [yt]http: Jun 16, Twitter: For those who have already watched it please bear with us, as for those who have not! Kousabi her eyes is amazing on the one-flash number memorization test and maybe her brain too.

They even have members doing the narrating that is usually handled by staff or VA. PineappleCrunchKousag 16, PineappleCrunchJul 1, You must log in or sign up to reply here.


Look out for what our current Ace have to say. Do you already have an account?

[130816] AKB Kousagi Dojo

Let me try a new style of introducing an episode. Jul 27, Oshimen: It reminds me of that AKBingo focus group segment that they did a few years back. Your name or email address: Also in the heart felt section, we have Kuramochi Asuka telling us about her sad koudagi.

Dec 10, Oshimen: Apr 9, Location: Wow, totally didn’t see that coming