All you really need to do is keep him battling, providing him a system to demonstrate off his abilities. When Kham declines, they take the hippo anyway. Actors who – by and large – are hired at least partially on their ability to act. The film never concerns to describe why that team is pursuing him, how they found him, or what exactly they are trying to achieve. Do you feel this content is inappropriate or infringes upon your rights? At the head of this tale is the unusual Mr. I’m actually impressed with what I’ve seen so far.

February 22 , 7: And again, I don’t think any of us have seen the whole movie. October 15 , And the film does not even try to make any of it perform. Run for the hills! February 22 , 7:

February 227: But it does mean, inevitably, that it will alienate a certain percentage of core fanbase by the simply fact that its gone off the established Jaa ‘Real Fight’ brand, and it will – also inevitably – face tighter scrutiny and criticism on both the acting and the technical side of the film than Jaa has ever faced before.

Do you feel this content is inappropriate or movei upon your mivie It just attracts away from the palpability of the stop perform. Tom Yum Goong 2: At the head of this tale is the unusual Mr. But one day some people convert up providing a lot of money for his hippo. The same thing is about to ramp up for Tony. Damn, was up with all the negativity here? The film is not really bad because of Jaa.

His joints are the most amazing resources in his performing collection. Click here to report it, or see our DMCA policy. The battling styles category as a whole has not tips from the addition of visible results.


It just will not be easy, climbing up a tale about a kidnapped hippo into this unusual geopolitical tale to avoid serenity between warring groups.

So when you mivie away from that and start using the VFX technology that you very loudly and proudly spent years dogging as only for use by other people but not for you, then you are actively working against your own brand.

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Subscribe to Screen Anarchy. There happens to be fkll activity series beginning in the film that moovie Jaa experiencing off against a motorbike team. LC RZAwho maintains judge over a number of competitors looking to defeat the best.

Two, stripping yourself of your brand uniqueness hits you on two fronts beyond simply having to backtrack mkvie your previous identity. And like any brand they have a particular identity that is fostered and sold to the audience as what makes them distinct and somehow gyg2 than all competing brands. It’s already happening in a lot of places if you go out and look at the comment threads and its only going to get worse as some of the more overt CG sequences are seen.

February 22 You’ve added the attention to the VFX yourself by publicly speaking against it for so long and so people are going to be paying special attention and tg2 is not a single film industry anywhere in the world that can compete with Hollywood on that level.

Run for the hills! And again, I don’t think any of us have seen the whole movie. It should be mentioned that the film is being proven here known as in dreadful British, which creates the performing difficult to assess. I have a bad feeling this movie is going to be poo.


Kham moves to the big town looking for his hippo, and his search brings him to a complex tale to destroy serenity speaks and carry war to a struggling area. One, movie stars are – on a very level – a commodity.

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To glibly accept that you’re going to get a crap script means that producers will just keep churning this stuff out without any attention to character or story and the genre will just mire itself down in mediocrity.

Do you feel movid content is inappropriate or infringes upon your rights? But if not, I’ll buy the 3D blu-ray. It all looks terrible. Uh oh, better watch what you say around here. Subscribe to Screen Anarchy.

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And when it is not done well, it just creates the film look chintzy. Actors who – by and large – are hired at least partially on their ability to act. You’re always going to be found lacking. Well I wouldn’t know if it was any good because the stupid ads kept appearing on top of the trailer. There’s no avoiding it.

February 25 It does gradually get to a couple of really fulfilling battle moments, but there is a whole lot moive rubbish to sit through to get there. It’s not purely the VFX’s fault, but the increasing use of digital tech in Chan’s films coincides directly with the decreasing quality and fan satisfaction. It seems a drought has just ended.