Therefore, the romantic aspects never actually overwhelm the main focus of the story, serving to complement it instead. Having said that, I enjoy teasing out the reasons why a particular movie, or even aspects of a movie, appeals to me. Interesting comments on the Auteur theory one I have problems with at least as far as UK followers go. We already know that we should be on the lookout for particular motifs, either visual or thematic, and so our perception tends to be coloured by expectation. Mann would be considered an auteur while Neilson most certainly would not. Tomahawk On DVD.

Because of this approach it is an interesting film, beautifully filmed in Dakota in CinemaScope and Technicolor. Indeed, de Carlo is easy on the eye at all times. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: It seems like an interesting premise for a story. All of his Indian Westerns are pro-Indian and even more than other directors in the 50s pro-Indian cycle, he seemed committed to articulating that point of view. I highly recommend the book. King was very much his own man and made so many superb movies. Drives me mad sometimes that they donlt mke alternate title easier to see.

It forces me to appraise both the film and my own approach to it, and can often lead to a stronger appreciation of the work. Been a while since Tomanawk saw this one but recall enjoying it.

Tomahawk | Riding the High Country

Subttitles Your Own Review You’re reviewing: I love westerns too, both films and books, usually my first choice of fiction aside from war and spy thrillers.

Just toddling off to hang my head in shame …. This site uses cookies. Telling me this tale and explaining what a nice guy Nicol was my co-worker was amazed that I had seen the film only the previous night.

The trouble is the stock footage does not match the story and you never see the cavalry use the title rifles in the climatic battle. We have the same personnel involved, with the exception of the director. You are commenting using your WordPress. Therefore, suubtitles romantic aspects never actually overwhelm the main focus of the story, serving to complement it instead. Subscribe by Email Get alerts directly into your inbox after each post and stay updated.

I think one of his strengths as an actor was the thoughtful, introspective quality that he was able to bring to his roles, and the character of Bridger allowed him to explore that. Never given Sherman as much as a second though to be frank, so thank for that very useful corrective and Heflin and DeCarlo certainly sound like an unusual combination, bith, as you say, rather good at playing tough people.


Tonahawk was very much his own man and made so many superb movies. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

1951 – Tomahawk – Van Heflin; Preston Foster; Yvonne DeCarlo; Jack Oakie; Alex Nicol

Learn how your comment data is processed. Everything unfolds from the perspective of Jim Bridger Van Heflina trapper and former scout who allows himself to be coaxed back into service for personal reasons. This sounds like a terrific western, Colin! So he and his wife went over to the Essoldo Hackney only gomahawk discover their scenes had been cut from the film.

I highly recommend the book.

If I read you correctly, it boils down to the auteur director acting as some kind of channel through which the creative contributions of others can be distilled and focused in a particular way? ColinI always feel you are so balanced and reasonable in everything you write.

All told, I feel Tomahawk is an excellent little film that rarely seems to get a mention.

Sherman manages to convey the beauty and expansiveness of the landscape, leaving the viewer in no doubt why men like Red Cloud were prepared to fight and die if necessary to safeguard their ancestral lands. Massacres in the American West: However, the film has been getting very favorable reviews so I will give it a go. De Carlo was also from Canada. Tomahawk On DVD. You got me there! Great piece Colin and as you say the film should be more well known. The movie covers the essentials concerning the build up to and aftermath of the Fetterman Massacre but alters some details for the purposes of storytelling — most notably by compressing the timeline and shifting some of the responsibility away from Fetterman himself.

The film boasts an extremely strong supporting cast, including a small part as a trooper for a young Rock Hudson. I read a fair few western books myself and generally enjoy even the more formulaic efforts.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sherman might not get much critical attention but he was a capable and at times very stylish director. It includes all the major players in those battles and gives the story a new twist by adding in a revenge aspect.


Bridger, who suffered a grievous loss in this massacre, has spent the intervening years hunting those responsible. As such, the film never shies away from depicting the duplicity and inherent racism of Indian policy at the time, yet does its best to address the complexity of the situation too. The majority of the action takes place outdoors, with Sherman and cameraman Charles P Boyle making the most of the Dakota locations. The cast lineup is a strong one.

Tomahawk – – French Subtitles

Having said that, I enjoy teasing out the reasons why a particular movie, or even aspects of a movie, appeals to me. The construction proved a sore point with the Sioux, and tomahawm film concentrates on a compressed version of the bloody events that ensued, namely the Fetterman Massacre and the Wagon Box Fight. Nicol actually commented on how good an actor he thought James was. There is not subyitles simple auteurist view. Product Tags Add Your Tags: A fine review, Colin.

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My problem is generally with that rigid interpretation which, taken to extremes, relegates the work of performers, writers, cinematographers, producers, and all the others involved essentially to the role of pawns to be utilized by the director. As you probably know I am a huge George Sherman fan and will not bore everyone by going over stuff I have posted on the Fifties Westerns site.

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As you say, film making is essentially a collaborative business and the director or often the producer back in the day has the final say in the interpretation of the writing. But by the way, Colin, I recently had an interest in reading all of your pieces on Fritz Lang movies all interesting too and felt in those you seemed to always approach him in an auteurist way.

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