Can you not stand hours of slapping? KpopKitty January 25, at 2: He needs to be healed from it already. I think there’s something amiss. This is one of AR’s saving grace for me. Speaking of the princess, I am disappointed that she’s just one of the Queen’s minions. I don’t remember him in that, but then again, there were so many amazing actors in that drama!

After practice, Ji-dwi asks Sun-woo where he learned to sword fight. WishfulToki January 25, at Either there should be new informations or points of view or be a quick 2 second flash. Pumpkin- When I saw the first line of this post, my thought was: Before he leaves, he appropriates all Meggie’s savings and arranges to have her wages paid directly to him. Reminds me of the party game, Mafia. Ralph remains at Drogheda only long enough to conduct the funerals. I am even more eager now for epi the episode the director promised to be Taehyung’s shining moment.

I agree about the princess, was hoping that she’ll be more than the Queen’s minion. I think i might actually give it a chance! He’s the hottest guy in QSD: He’s always been a top favorite character of mine.

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I personally think his Dog Bird days’ 1 him best. He asks if she shot at Ah Ro, and Sookmyung says she was just hunting deer. She looked so dejected when Ban Ryu ignored her and barely paid attention to her existence. I was wondering about that as well.

After blrd 5 min trailer, it became 12x meh. Love how Aro lied to the princess’s face too. This drama keeps flirting with some of Hwarangs’ dirty secrets but doesn’t want to go there and so do I.

Justine and her brother remain close, although he is often shocked at her sexual adventures and free-wheeling lifestyle. Lucky January 26, at 1: This episode was more focused on the supporting characters, and I think the reason for birc is because they might be going to war soon, and some will die. I mean we pretty much know it’s going to be a tear fest, but at least try to fool us.


Your email address will not be published. I did have one question Episodes by LollyPip. And it will be unfair to point the suspicion at someone else. Han-sung starts to look angry, and when Dan-se knocks him to the ground, he episods. Same with the romance between Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon.

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Plus Sun-woo’s hair always looks different lengths, weird. I didn’t mind it when AR wailed after the run away horse incident because I find it cute- like a child wailing her burdens to her older brother. After a bout of intense crying and sobbing, I’m like a new person! I really hope beyond hope that the queen mother turns out to be a power hungry bitch.

If I hadn’t been paying attention to this character earlier when Dan se was first brought into the Hwarang as part of the second tierI would have missed it easily. I couldn’t figure out if there was indeed too many flashbacks or if the excessive number of repetitive extended ones in Goblin made me more sensitive to them.

Lala January 26, at 8: The Clearys learn that Frank has been convicted of murder after killing someone in a fight. The novel is the best selling book in Australian history, and has sold over 33 million copies worldwide. She sleeps one last time with Luke to ensure that her child’s paternity would not be questioned, then tells Luke what she really thinks of him and returns to Drogheda, leaving him to his cane-cutting.

Fee, now in her forties, reveals she is again pregnant, the two men quarrel violently and Paddy tells Frank he is not his biological son.


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Unlike the other Clearys, he has black forn and eyes, believed to be inherited from his Maori great-great-grandmother. Ah Ro snarls behind her back but shows up anyway, and the princess tornn her to wash her feet.

Episodes by LollyPip. Like seeing the development of Hansung and the brotherly love between him and Dan Se. It’s kinda sad to see Ji dwi telling Sunwoo that they’re friends then the last scene came. Sun-woo glares at his fellow Hwarang, wondering which one is the king that killed his friend. Let’s just say there a a few idol actors whom are amazingly talented singers but should never grace the screen in a drama.

I will watch for the actor more in the future. The result, Frank, was already eighteen months old when Fee married Paddy. Surel wajib Alamat takkan pernah dipublikasikan. Let’s just hope her character keeps developing and doesn’t get thrown into the damsel in distress every two episodes.

I had wondered how Sun Woo had sudden revelation during this episode’s parring practice. Dokter menjelaskan kondisi kesehatan Han Byul yang sistem kekebalan tubuhnya terganggu dan itu sepertinya diturunkan dari ibu kandungnya tapi karena Jung Eun telah mengurus Han Byul dengan baik selama 6 tahun ini kondisi Han Byul tidak perlu di kahwatirkan.

Oopps sorry about the questions heh, just became curious, if this were set in Joseon then the status is quite clear.

She gives him her brightest smile and says he must not have seen her, but he just nods distractedly and walks past her again.