Her other films includes Wrong No. Member feedback about Jahanzeb Khan: He has appeared in almost a dozen dramas and almost all of them have been hits. Her career began with her participation in the reality show LG Awaaz Banaye Star, where she became the semi-finalist at the age of A drunk Arsal, frustrated and hurt from Gaiti’s constant indifference, rapes Gaiti. Member feedback about Arjumand Rahim:

The Valley of the Heart also known as Dayar-e-Dil [2] is a Pakistani television drama serial, that originally aired on the Hum TV from 17 March to 27 October , consisting of a total of 33 episodes. Aaliya tries to use Kiran to kick Gaiti out of the house. As the story progresses, many events occur which make their lives difficult. It is directed by Farooq Rind and written by Nadia Akhter. The ceremony was televised in Pakistan by Hum TV, while Servis returned as a main sponsor of the show. A drunk Arsal, frustrated and hurt from Gaiti’s constant indifference, rapes Gaiti. Hearing this, Kiran tells her mother that she cannot marry as she is already married.

Gaiti’s rukhsati happens and she comes to live at Arsal’s house. Currently, nominees are determined by single transferable vote, within the actors and jury branch of HTNEC; winners are selected by a plurality vote from the entire eligible voting members of the Hum.

Farooq Rind topic Farooq Rind is a Pakistani television director, he is best known for his drama serials Sanjha, Rishtay Kuch Adhooray Se, Mere Meherbaan and telefilm Nao Main Darya which earned him a great spread acclaim earning him a several awards and nominations. Each episode follow the lives of Wali and Faarah who became the cause of reuniting the family that fell apart because of Agha Jaan’s eldest son Behroze, despite their troubled relation.

Member feedback about Yumna Zaidi: Member feedback about 2nd Hum Awards: Member feedback about Arjumand Rahim: This Category is introduced at 2nd ceremony in order to select actress according to viewers choice. Diyar-e-Dil follows the lives of a dysfunctional rishtag led by Agha Jaan and his grandchildren, Wali and Farah.


Meanwhile, Arsal’s kudh falls very ill and insists that Arsal and Episoe be married right away lest she should die. He studied computer programming at Sindh University.

Gaiti’s mom encourages her to somehow convince Arsal to do Nikaah with her again, but a religious leader tells Gaiti and her mom that this is violative of Islamic rules as technically, Arsal is already married to Kiran, so this Nikaah with Gaiti will not be valid as one is not allowed to be simultaneously be married to two blood sisers.

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Aaliya’s husband divorces her due to Arsal’s nikaah and marries someone else. Gaiti tries to break the traditions and adohray of her family in her aspiration to be a singer like her ideal Rahat Fateh Ali Kh Since Gaiti is away ltest and her father doesn’t know it, to save the respect of her husband and the family, Gaiti’s mom who is honestly just scared for herself because she doesn’t want to face her husband and is being selfish makes Kiran wear a dupatta which hides her face and sit in Gaiti’s place.

He says that it is Gaiti and not Kiran who is at fault so she should not be punished.

Their father hears all of this and finally knows the truth, but he leaves quietly without talking to any of them. Early life Abro was born in Larkana, Sindh, to a Sindhi family.

Member feedback about Sohai Ali Abro: He goes to Gaiti’s house where, instead of meeting Gaiti, risthay asks Kiran whether she would like to live with him as his wife.

Eventually she moved to Karachi, where she pursued her studies, and later Zindagi Gulzar Hai won nine awards, the most for the ceremony, including As the story progresses, many events occur which make their lives difficult.

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He sets her free and asks her to move on in life. Problems arise in Arsal’s house, when Aaliya’s Arsal’s sister husband tells Aaliya that she should stop Arsal’s marriage as his sister loves him, and if she doesn’t 71 so, he will divorce her.


Diyar-e-Dil topic Diyar-e-Dil Urdu: The award has commonly been referred to as the hum for Best Supporting Actor. Member feedback about Diyar-e-Dil: Meanwhile, Kiran finds out that she is the one actually married to Arsal, and begins to create a rift between the two so she can claim her rights as his wife.

Archived from the original on March 1, Winners and nominees In the list below, winners are listed first in the colored row, followed by the other nominees. In she opened her own production house “Art RepuWik”.

While Gaiti is closer to her mother, Kiran is loved more by her father. He started his career with modeling.

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Through a letter that Latdst wrote and accidentally left at Arsal’s house, Arsal finds out the truth about his Nikaah. Seemi Pasha is a Pakistani film and television actress, producer and director from Lahore. They all reach Gaiti’s house for the Nikaah.

Hum Award for Best Director Member feedback about Alycia Dias: Each episode follow a serialized sequence of the lives of Wali and Faraah the grandchildren of Agha Jaan who wed under abrupt circumstances and are unable to understand each other.

The drama ends with the two uniting to finally complete their adhoora incomplete rishta relationship. Both families, except for Gaiti’s mother, are ecstatic when they discover that Gaiti is pregnant.