Leave a comment Comments 5. But the whole thing is kinda fucked up now because… reasons, so the newest Grail-War is a fucking disaster. Anxious to turn over a new leaf in light of such perceived selfishness, and with some parties still anxious to see the karuta club moved out of their current club room, Chihaya offers up the opportunity for the growing music club to take over the room above their heads regardless of the disturbances it might cause – of course, this decision all comes down to karuta ultimately, in the hope that it might allow a little luck to find its way to the group. My plans of getting tons of blogging done today went up in smokes. Of course, even this ends in tears, leaving us with a glimmer of hope that Yozora might actually have learned her lesson for once. Chihayafuru 2 – Episode 6 Nishida may have lost his game, but there’s still plenty to play for in the regional final as the match between Hokuo and Mizusawa continues.

Three would normally be a crowd with this kind of arrangement, but it seems that the trio enjoy an alcohol-fuelled but enjoyable New Year break that only serves to strengthen the bonds between them – a perfect fillip for their return to the grindstone and a continued push to make Reversi one of, if not the, flagship title for Shounen Jack. Psycho-Pass episode 21 Psycho-Pass episode Das findest du abgedreht. He wants to show off the injustice of the Sybil System, he wants to be an avatar of justice himself and he wants to show the world that redemption is possible. Alas, I have some affection to the Fate franchise so I will stick with it until the end. Notify me of new comments via email.

Queen of Hearts Build a Bear Outfit. Shin Sekai Yori From the New World – Episode 20 As if a Monster Rat rebellion wasn’t bad enough, Saki and Satoru now finding themselves facing up to what could readily described by their worst nightmare – a nightmare which is currently animefuehigi pursuing them across the waters. Bakuman Season 3 – Episode 19 Now that their manga juggling between magazine has been set in stone, it’s time for Ashirogi Muto to work hard on getting both PCP and new series Reversi to where they need to be in their serialisation lifespans Wish you fun movie.

And the produced absurdity has a certain charm for how ignorant and incompetent it is. He wants to show off the injustice anlmefushigi the Sybil System, he wants to be an avatar of justice himself and he wants to show the world that redemption is possible.

It was just SO cheesy and not self-aware. Nur das ganze Normas sind Untermenschen Tenor, wird dann wohl nicht mehr konsequent auf Arsenal durchgreifen. It should be pssycho that she probably will reach her homeland in a bodybag if she leaves the Norma-base where Ange is. Now, though, we have come back to the thing that started it all and yeah, it is kinda obvious that it was less ambitious in its beginnings compared to how popular it had become after its release.


TheRealWinston November 11, at 9: For all of her professional interest in a lunar telescope, amimefushigi also a far more personal reason for her to be invested in its construction too And with that I mean, it produces a generic shounen-series. M0rg0th November 12, at Und dieser Wahnsinn bietet einen gewissen Unterhaltungswert, finde ich. On top of Kud’s own nervousness about her issues when it comes to taking tests, the expectations of failure from her classmates only serve to make things worse, as they find her struggle with language and school work to be “cute” rather than something they’re willing to help her overcome.

Kuroyukihime flies in on h Chihayafuru 2 – Episode 5 Chihaya and company are already through to the national karuta championship, as are their next rivals, Hokuo.

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In the first series this moment is somewhat cheesy but in this extended version it really just seems like a giant waste of time. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT – Episode 8 No sooner has the dust settled on Kobato’s birthday than it’s time to prepare for another major event – that’s right kids, it’s culture festival time! Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. And so naturally everything her maid does for her is bad and Ange vocally complains about the whole thing, even questions the necessity of her presence.

During the last season an Extended version came out which added a few scenes and delivered its story with double-episodes. Ach ja, M0rg0th, du wolltest doch das die Serie auch Homoerotik zeigt, die nicht auf Dominanz, sondern auf Liebe und so beruht, nunja, mit Momoka haben wir das jetzt wenigstens wobei das auch Interpretationssache ist. Everything is about the Grail-War.

Akane and her team, as well as some lazy MWPSB-guys from Team 3, arrive and Akane finds something completely unrelated animffushigi the actual incident in this episode.

Kakuzu lands a powerful kick on Kakashi that sends him flying. Psycho-Pass – Episode 17 The dust is settling in the aftermath of the riots, and in spite of the economic, physical and psychological damage done to the city it seems that it – and the Sibyl system – are safe in the wake of Makishima’s attack.

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Psycho-Pass – Episode 19 Kogami has gone rogue in his pursuit of Makishima, turning his former colleagues at the MWPSB into enemies – can he beat them in the race to his target? Bundle 2 5 years ago. Okay, so he wants to be a hero of justice VERY badly but the drama is expressed in him being this ridiculous mix of stuck-up, humble and impulsive.

On top of that, there is of course a little jealousy to add into the mix for those who are still understudies, not least Kanata as she finds herself the last of her generation yet to make it into the group proper.


The new Hungry Chicken has come out, guys! Von daher wird hierdurch nicht wirklich die Regel gebrochen, dass homoerotische Beziehungen auf Dominanz beruhen. Given her late entry into the school and her general circumstances, the only thing for it is to ask classmate and resident robot Kagami to be her friend, if only as “practice” for the real thing – a task which Kagami takes to with her usual relish, by which I mean she spends her time sleeping and making deadpan remarks to everything.

Not that this stops Kana making the animefushigo of her summer – a visit to Riko’s house might be off the cards, but visits to the swimming pool and beach are very much available to her. Regarding Shirou, I would not go as far as questioning his entire motive willing to become a hero of justice. Psycho-Pass episode 21 Psycho-Pass episode Mind you, I’m not exactly sure that wearing a swimsuit around the house or having a sleepover is quite the same as a day at the beach or an overnight trip, and even an attempt to create an authentic “night away” feel by telling ghost stories doesn’t exactly epiosde the world alight.

Duffy the Disney Bear Adventures: Psycho-Pass – Episode 18 Makishima’s time in custody has proved to be brief after he makes good on his escape in the wake of revelations to him and ourselves about the truth behind the Sibyl system, and all of a sudden it’s the MWPSB’s job to catch him again despite having been taken off his case previously.

Naturally Saber needs rest from the recent battles and Shirou is strong enough to just continue living like nothing has happened!

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But that dull sequence gets interrupted by Rin trying to kill Shirou. But can anyone actually do anything about it? Surely they can’t hope to challenge Kaburagi Shisei, however?

It’s safe to say that the relationship between Futaki and Haruka is at an all-time low as a result of this, and even Naoe is going to have a hard time picking up the pieces given that neither party is willing to be entirely honest with either one another or themselves as they both insist that the situation is irretrievable at this juncture. You are commenting using your WordPress. ColourPop x Hello Kitty! I mean, a lot of things about this series make no sense and the portrayal of the characters is equally absurd.

Stattdessen sieht man sie die ganze Zeit, wie sie sich mit Momoka rumschlagen muss. This site uses cookies. It doesn’t worth it.