I save it until one day i didn’t want to go to school and drank a little bit when i woke up. Good ol’ North Hollywood. Also, please contact us regarding spam, political or any other inappropriate videos, as this helps us remove them more quickly! This is grounds for an immediate and likely permanent ban, so consider this your only warning. You can watch him vomit into the mouths of his fans. Telling other users to hurt or kill themselves in any form is against reddit TOS, and will earn you a permanent ban. Today was full of danger and adventure. I don’t think I would lick my puke off the ground for some douche like that though.

Or is he just drinking pepsi and then vomiting on command for shock? Summon flag for glitch. When Stewie realizes Liddane has a boyfriend, he thought that he and Liddane would go all the way and die together, and be the Family Guy version of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun ‘s suicide pact. I’m just stating the obvious now. Oh wait, YOU pay me for licking the vomit? Friend of a ex-coworker.

What episode of family guy is the one where peter brian stewie and cris vomit?

It is a drink, but the point of the epispde is to induce vomiting, usually given to someone who has consumed a poisonous substance. Well if he can vomit on command, I don’t see why he wouldn’t drink the ipecac anyway, to make it look more real.

I suppose he was supposed to be! She then proceeds to humiliate his sexual performance. Family Guy season 4 episodes American television episodes. Will delete if comment’s score is -1 or less. This video is the show that never got picked. This episode was the most-watched program on its original airdate among adults 18 to 49, with a viewership of 6.


The amount he is able to produce made me think of Family Guy. I’m just stating the obvious now. Meg becomes unexpectedly jealous and hunts desperately for a boyfriend to make Neil jealous; she ends up settling for Jake Tuckerwho only wants her to buy him some BB ‘s.

8 Simple Rules for Buying My Teenage Daughter

Couldn’t find Wikipedia article titled “ipecac”. Within 5 minutes I was projectile vomiting. Guy is dying of terminal cancer and a friend is taping his final days.

About “Who Wants Chowder? Check out this post to see how to call for WikiBot in different languages! Used it to get out of school a number of times.

rpisode There was a tv show like this long ago. A flashback shows Brian by the bowling alleytalking about how high school girls keep getting pretty and staying young.

There are no images currently available. This includes videos of child and animal abuse.

Submissions from new users, and users with low karma, are automatically removed to help prevent spam. Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. I thought I had to pay you to watch.

I’m better now in case anyone was wondering but it’s still a handy trick sometimes. He buys eight cases of syrup of ipecac so he can sryup a vomiting contest with Brian, Chris and Stewie; however, it was a complete failure, although Chris technically wins. You feel sort of shitty for a bit, but that’s all.

The beginning of the episode, in which Stewie experiments with teleportation pods when he is fused with Rupert, is a reference to the film The Fly. I remember that MTV show. We always had some in the medicine cabinet when I was a kid, just in case a kid got hold of something they shouldn’t and drank it. He was also on an episode of Judge Judy years ago, and talked about it.


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The band was formed in in Healdsburg, California, when Lance Ozanix and several other people joined together and called their band Venom. The guy thinks about it and says no, has to be more. Videos Only Self explanatory. For instance, he buys eight cases of ipecac so he can hold a vomiting contest with BrianChrisand Stewie ; although Chris technically wins, all four continue to vomit explosively and violently.

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Yeah, he did it, while his pregnant wife stood by with her head in her hands possibly crying. A “The Bachelorette” type show where men are all competing to win a girl, the girl is actually a man.

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