Constructing and demonstrating the dual Blaze farm. Adlington’s castle grounds decorated with a Canadian theme: Retrieved from ” http: At the Nether Hub At the Blaze farm constructing a walkway An attempt at encapsulating a static fire ball. Trying to untangle all the tracks affected by the Nether hub expansion Working with Baj and BdoubleO to design the shops. The Art of Pranking” PauseUnpause: If a skeleton had shot it, I believe it only would have aggroed on the skeleton. Ice is actually useful in Minecraft if you didn’t realize.

Planting poppies and spruce trees around Etho’s base and the PvP Arena. Starting a pet store at the Spawn village. And you have a good point there about the potion ingredients. MC Gamer’s underwater palace flooded with water and filled with boats. Pranking Mhykol by making a giant name tag at his base. The face indicates a combination of the four previously mentioned features. Slaying of the Wither. Improving the horse timer Trying to do horse wheelies with BdoubleO Discussing his plans for the Nether hub Starting a blaze farm.

This page was last modified on 18 Septemberat Adlington’s castle grounds decorated with a Canadian theme: Discussing the interpretation of the Death Games rules Helping Pause kill a a whither at his base Using TNT to enlarge the hole Pause is excavating and setting up the beacon. Constructing and demonstrating the dual Blaze farm.

He started Season 2 because Minecraft was just about to update to version 1. Don’t get me started on the things I’d do for stained clay and quartz. He decided to do this because it allow him to get resources more easily and because he believes recording episoce easier in the cave. Retrieved from ” http: Mindcrack Server – Episode That farm is ridiculous. Episode – Etho did do mihdcrack Racing Arkas to the DocShop for glowstone Cleaning baby zombies out of the mob trap at EthoCorp Showing progress and products at his shop Helping mcgamer blow up mindcracl lapis exchange Discussing item frames in the snapshot Slaughtering Nebris in the Death Games.


The Art of Pranking”. With just a few diamonds you can get a whole double chest full; that seems like way to much. The player can input various food items to Wilson, which can modify his hunger, health, weight, or happiness, depending on the type of food. Views Read Edit Epissode history. In episode of Etho Miindcrack Minecraft, Etho started a segment at the end of his videos where he reads a comment from the Book and Quill – then a recent addition to the game from the 1.

Seriously, I wish I could like this episode more than once. At the start of the next episode, Etho’s base burns down, and he blames it on Spaz. Bees that cause blindness and nausea behind warded glass.

Rigged Dispensers filled with potions with negative effects are hidden throughout mindcack place. Pranking AnderZEL by placing buttons and rigged dispensers with potions with negative effects around his base.

Clearing out the nether fortress beneath the blaze farm Using TNT to remove excess netherrack Making a spot in the nether hub for the blaze farm. Season 3 Finale 1 of 2 “. Determining his ethoslwb attacker Covering the Nether Hub domes to protect them from Ghasts Working on a cart launching system.

Bedrock Doors prank 2 “. Talking about his first death Clips from Entering the Nether Caving Showing his temporary home Discussing his plans for his mountain village Trying to buy an apple from generikb’s episkde enchanting. Setting up a pyrotechnics system at the arena. Touring his cave base, mob system, cow, flower and reed farms and trading systems Touring his jungle base and mob system Visiting the pet store and ice tray at spawn Touring the Nether hub expansions and the dual blaze farm Playing the trivia game at Guudeland.

He said they would include alterations, so yes. Content must be Mindcrack related. In season 2 of Etho Plays Minecraft, Etho decided to build his base inside a cave. Trading with Beef Working on the track and jumping test area at the racetrack Instituting a mindvrack for server wide death games. They’ve fixed this since in the new snapshots, so if Etho wants to get them back ethosoab, he’ll be able to.


Making a portal at Ethopia that toggles between two locations. Creating a pool of angry zombies on one of Etho’s islands. Building an underwater village near Beef’s jungle.

I’ll have to test that. Maybe Etho and Doc could partner? Checking out the lapis exchanges Adding a message board to EthoCorp Working on beautifying his Nether tunnel Purchasing plants Explaining the endermans death. Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.

Fighting Nebris and discussing the battle.

Etho MindCrack SMP – Episode Buddy Betrayal –

Cleaning up the Nether hub Falling through his Nether track into a room decorated by Zisteau representing Team America Discovering that the joined stone slabs have turned into Nether brick mindcraci slabs Spleef on Dwarves vs.

Attempting to kill mcgamer Visiting Doc’s treehouse Working on a brewing station at the blaze farm. Building a beach, complete with sandcastle, beachball, and Pause reclining in a straw hat with a cool drink to poke fun at his frequent “vacations”. King Of The Boat”.

Digital Media Concepts/Ethoslab

Sky Shrooms Part 3 “. Collecting all unattended crafting benches and securing them in a vault for the community Moving animals to clear a space at spawn for the death games Setting up the redstone for the death games. Etho’s pet shop covered in webs and guarded by the spider episore Charlotte’s Web.