I loaded the picture style onto the camera using canon utility while in the P or M setting in movie setting it wont let you load them. I’ve invested both in Cineform and Neatvideo and together they transform a very compressed image into footage ready for moderate color grading. Steve Vai send his guitar through a series of processes to get the tone he is looking for. Sky Dexter IQ Points: The effect of the changes made in this software is applied in realtime to the clips regardless of what program they are also open in. Connect your camera to your computer via USB and switch it on. Jack Akers IQ Points:

The Cinema Picture Profile previously known as EPIC is the newest of the bunch and although providing a flat image, it is unique in how it deals with contrast. These extreme gamma curves give with one hand and take with the other. They have changed the layout of the page. Here is a sample video: Canon chose to encode using full luma and chroma ie: Thankyou for doing the test.

Technicolor Cinestyle vs Neutral

Image is Underexposed by a value of 0. If someone wants to shoot in Standard then that is up to them! You need to grade Technicolor PP. When lighting cannot be controlled especially with highlightsit is better to shoot in Neutral — especially cinrma heavy color grading is not expected. Or at cinmea Zone you are putting caucasian skin. So removing the full range flag and import remuxed mp4 clnema AE and mediacore imposes rec as format, correct but again uses range as input on a full range source, so there appears no route other than to feed RGB perhaps as OpenEXR or a range limited YCC intermediate transcode to produce correct results for a linearised 32bit workflow?

I had issues with old OS and CD would not work, could not find a download. You basically do what you want Shawn. This page contains the results of a fair test between the Technicolor Cinestyle picture style and the Standard Canon Picture Style. But if youre either 1: Sky Dexter IQ Points: But the meaning of Raw is not quite the same for Arri and Red.


He uses a subtractive curve which means that you have to open up a stop in order to get correct exposure. Thankyou for doing the test. Also flagging the h stream to signal ‘fullrange’ data, but typical output from an encoder receiving full range is to scale it into 16 – They graded up easily and with out fuss.

If I may add to this. Simple color correction was done in Colorista. I have run tests and especially where you might have an area of subtle graduation such as a sky, or a room with a white wall va has light coming in from one side, the resultant banding can be quite horrendous, even more so when the contrast is brought back.

As the crooked path profile adjusts the colour tone, does it assume you are shooting under daylight white balance either in daylight or with daylight balanced lighting? Wow, was I ever wrong! Thanks Philip, a most useful post.

This software also allows for interpolation between the shades, helping to prevent banding that may occur. It washed out all the color of the image and when I restored it in grading sryle was extremely hard to do it without crushing the blacks to much and edges of certain details softened giving it a surreal look.

There is an update to the Marvels picture style online since april Before the release of the Cinema PP, Neutral flat was one of my three defined settings. But pictjre trouble with recording in 8-bit is that the tonal range with such Picture Profiles is restricted quite considerably. This will transfer the style to your camera. Isn’t it rather academic though because unless using Dynamic Linking and not everyone does, the input into AE with regard to grading after an edit won’t be the original MOVs off camera anyway but an intermediate format of some description?


Would be interesting to know, cause I couldnt find a statement, which IRE represents middle grey regarding the CineStyle curve. Keep in mind that this is a small JPEG image from their website, not a lossless shot of the original frame.

Has anyone else been using the vision picture styles by milk studios? It’s true that when the contrast was increased, the artefacts in the standard image pretty much went away, but I prefer a less contrasty image, and i think that for my style of working, i would encounter these artefacts too often.

I think that people need to shoot within the limitations of the cameras.

Film Look: Technicolor CineStyle v.s. Marvels Cine ⋆

With a flat image, cinfstyle have a much better chance of recovering the clouds — OR if you under or over-expose something, you have a better chance to recover information that would otherwise be lost. In the end, we all have our ways of getting where we want to get.

One of the most popular methods ve color correction with DSLR footage is to shoot with a flat picture style. The shadows will be anyway crushed, but the mids are there to stay, so i was disappointed, because the most important range of the image midtones, skin is the less clean.

Standard Picture Style vs Cinestyle

Neutral vs Cinestyle using the Exposure tool: The more you change it during the grading, more damaging to you. Vignesh Mathivanan IQ Points: Thanks for the write-up, Preston.

I tried the Technicolor PS and what i noticed is that it has less noise in the sfyle, but more noise and banding in the mids.