Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. In the beginning, the plot focuses on the impossible, melodramatic love of Solaro for a young noblewoman, Speranza Elisa Cegani , who decides to leave Solaro and marry a wealthy Baron in order to save her family from bankruptcy. Indeed, the historical context of Italian melodramas is very different from that of Hollywood. London and New York: Indiana University Press, , Pietruccio Belli Lauro Gazzolo: PR video srl, Industry of Desire, ed.

The repression of female desire is depicted also in other films starring Nazzari and Sanson. In Tormento, Nicodemi is Ruffini, the owner of a nightclub who is infatuated with Anna and wants to seduce her. Indiana University Press, Industry of Desire, ed. And the same principal actors and actresses. Le somme indicate, si trovano nella Storia del cinema italiano , op.

Dallo schermo alla carta. Le riprese, iniziate nel marzo [5]terminarono nel successivo giugno [6]. Even in their physical presence, the actors who play the pater familias and the homme fatal, respectively, are constructed in oppositional terms: The Birth of the Prison, trans.

Write a customer review. Giuseppe Gubitosi, Amedeo Nazzari Bologna: He belongs to the upper class, he has money, even if gained through illicit sources, and he is younger and sexually aggressive.

But he is gentle and respectful to the prostitute, Cabiria. Inserisci qui il tuo nome: Film – However, the class conflict never turns into class warfare, and the emphasis on the quasi-religious suffering of the main characters highlights the class resignation that Matarazzo himself explained as the basis of his dramas.

Nel tentativo di fuggire Catina provoca un amdeeo e viene mandata a dormire nella stalla. Not only does Solaro transition from the past to the present, but he also grows into manhood, leaving behind his romantic attitude to embrace manliness and virility.


La bisbetica domata (film 1942)

PR video srl, Caterina, detta Catina, Minola Amedeo Nazzari: Share your thoughts with other customers. Su questo sito utilizziamo cookie, nostri e di terze parti, per migliorare la tua esperienza di navigazione. University Press, Rosa fainting after the verdict. The excessive emotions seem almost superimposed on his face and body, so that his characters seem quick to regain composure and virile control. In their first scene together, Guglielmo is wearing his workers uniform, clearly underlining his social status, while Emilio is wearing an elegant suit and talks easily about money.

Masculinity nazzwri Italian Cinematic Melodrama. Berghahn Books, Criterion Collection,DVD. Danielle Hipkins and Roger Pitt, Berlin: Get to Know Us.

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Inserisci qui il nome di chi ha citato la frase celebre: This article investigates the stardom of Amedeo Nazzari, both in his pre-war cinematic roles as war hero, and in post-war cinema, where he played the pater familias in a series of melodramas directed by Raffaello Matarazzo and produced by Titanus from to Pietro si mette alla ricerca di Mascia, la donna che ama, ma finisce per essere arrestato sotto l’accusa di tradimento: However, while his masculinity and honor have been restored in his family home, both he and Rosa have been publicly questioned in court.

Lazzari is a Prince of the City, greeted on sight in Rome’s nightclub with “Commendatore!

Fatherhood came to signify the core of Italian nazzzri, and sexual procreation within the family became the proof of manliness, deeply rooted in the honor of men as husbands and fathers. When Anna resists him, explaining that she is married and loves her husband, Ruffini attempts to sexually assault her.


Oxford University Press, Emilio appears younger and more aggressive than Guglielmo. Youth, recklessness, and disrespect for manual work are common traits of the hommes fatals. Nationalist and Fascist Perceptions of Reality. Scrivi la tua recensione.

La figlia del capitano

Oxford University Press, This domestic production of films nazzzari popular entertainment was the combination of the output of many small companies, which often specialized in one particular genre, such as Galatea for peplum movies and Titanus for melodramas. Da Wikipedia, l’enciclopedia libera. But it’s worth having a look just to see the handsome, strapping Amedeo Nazzari. Kind of a nzazari company. Indeed, the historical context of Italian melodramas is very different from that of Hollywood.

Recensioni da altri dizionari del film La figlia del capitano. Richiedi il passaggio in TV di questo film. In altri progetti Suok Commons. Laura Storia del cinema italianocit. Edinburgh University Press, Skip to main content.

Bianca Minola Aldo Capacci: The Image of Man. Routledge, 2 edition,3. Solaro resigns from the cavalry and becomes an aviator.